Jan 30, 2014
Granby, MA
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Can't remember for the life of me where I'd find this. Can someone link me to the picture? It was a lady, spiky blonde hair, who suspiciously resembled a sandy hook lady I think. Anyone have any idea what the hell Im talking about?

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Is it the CT state trooper that looks like Tom Skerritt/Viper from 'Top Gun'?

A bit of a random observation, but they seem to carry their spare mags in an odd location/orientation.
I had to look that up too, thought it was interesting to see what was apparently single stack .45ACP. They went to Sig P220's back in 2012.
Lol it wasn't him. Some shorter lady, there was a pic going around of her on a news channel or something.

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Bfatz thank you! That's the one. Is that the same woman? Or is that one of those suspicious lookalikes.
I don't remember if it was the same person

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