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Feb 27, 2006
Milford CT.
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My name is Rick, I'm 44 yrs old and a gun nut since 17 years old. I served in the U.S. ARMY 1979-1985. I am an avid AR fan and love to shoot handguns. In the Picture below is a Colt M4 with an EOtech 552, GG&G MAD rear BUIS, Houge hand grip, Surefire M961XM07 Tac light. Tango Down V_Grip, M-73 Handguard.

Basically I tried to mimic the rifle the DEA adopted with the exception of it being a Colt and the rear BUIS is the MAD instead of the GG&G A2 style. I was going to swap out the GG&G rear to the A2 style but one day I let a Marine home on leave try the AR out at the range and he was shooting soda can at 100 yards using the MAD rear and he was nailing them, after he was done shooting he stated that the MAD rear was perfect for the rifle and he wouldn't swap it. So I left it mounted and I started to nail soda cans at 100 yards. But all in all It is a great set-up without any issues that would make me think its not a dependable rifle.....

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PocketG said:
Interesting site.........[party] Who are the founders?
The man who put it together and spent his money is Derek. He posted a welcome to you a few up from this post.
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