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Jun 26, 2010
Norwood, MA
I've got a couple of heaters I'd like to sell.

The first is a Life Smart Stealth6 Quartz 1500w heater.
I bout this a month ago on woot.com as a refurbished unit. It works perfectly...plugged it in once to try it out. I am selling because a day later I bought a smaller one (it was for our youngest's room) to fit the space better. This seems to be a slightly older version of the one we use on our playroom...which is great. I paid $100 but will take $75.

Next up is 400w ceramic wall heater brand new in the box. I bought two of these about a year ago to replace a gas wall heater (next item!) thinking it would be safe to the touch for the kids. It gets too hot for my comfort level with the kids. I'm keeping the open one and selling the unopened one. I don't recall what I paid, so first $50 takes it.
Here's a link to the heater (or similar..it's up in the garage attic at the moment).

Last up is a natural gas, vented wall heater/furnace. This was in our house when we bought it, but took it down. It works very well...crazy amount of adjustable heat (mostly radiates up and not out). I've kept it thinking it would go in the garage or a shop, but I've realized I'm not likely to take on insulating the garage or building a shop any time soon. It's not the prettiest thing in the world, but it's not junk either. Here's a link to something that looks pretty close to it (it's out in the shed taken apart right now):
I don't know this, but I am suspecting this could be used with propane by changing a jet or two...but I don't know.
I'd like to see $125 for it.

PM me for questions or pics...just too cold to head out now to get the stuff. [thumbsup]

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