H4895 reduced rifle loads?


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Nov 17, 2011
loaded a bunch of 30-06 reduced loads at minimum charge weight for a 9 YO girl to shoot - no issues to speak of and plenty accurate at 50 yards

Word to the wise - 9 year old girls who demand to be allowed to fire factory 30-06 will use up any and all ammo available....
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Dec 26, 2008
I love my H4895 reduced loads...
200 grain nosler custom comp and 30 grains of H4895 from a dark bore mauser 3moa with out much effort.
54r ....gun is awful really but with hornady 174gn match bullets I was able to bring a 10 moa rifle down under 4 with 32 grains H4895.
7.7 When I had them Sierra 150 grain with 28 grains of H4895 I did not do any extensive accuracy test but factory PPU was good for 8 ring of a SR1 target my reloads I could get that rifle into the 10 ring with a few 9s.
The arisaka is a challenge for me to get shooting consistently. I have only just settled on a sight picture. I'm also back to shooting cast and so far just breaking 4 moa. I test my loads prone supported with sling or on the bench supported with sling.
Also check your action and how it sits in the stock. The stock screws don't need to be to tight. About 35inlbs.
30-06 - I have a 160 grain cast load with H4895 that works really well. About 2 moa with scoped rifle at 200 yards. Running about 1800fps.
My favorite though is PPU 110 grain 30 carbine bullets and 35 grains of H4895. Powder puffs and accurate out to 200 yards.
I also shoot a 110 grain ballistic tip nosler 42 grains H4895 very close to sub moa out of my 190a4 clone but my skills and that platform I believe hold this load back!

I don't use fillers even with 16 grains of 2400 with my cast loads.

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Jan 10, 2010
Anyone have good experience with them?

How about in 7.7 Arisaka?

Looking for some input as I just loaded a few and think I may have issues. Not going into detail yet as my sample size is too small.

Just used some H4895 in .270 Winchester with the Hornady 130g SP. 45.0g x.60 = 27.0g
Also did some Trail Boss loads just for variety... 14.0g

Most often I'm using cast/coated bullets, but virtually any pistol powder will work in a bolter. I've used 6.5g of W473AA in 6.5x55mm with fine results. I suppose you could go lower still, but just bring out the Daisy Red Ryder at that point. 7.0-10.0g of W571, Unique, etc., would likely clear the barrel and give you super economy and all day shooting comfort.

I'd recommend Norman's 200g GCSil bullet for your Type 99...

200g offered in .313" diameter

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