Gun shops in Massachusetts ***map***

Updated with install instructions in a word format.

For those with Garmin GPS's that support POI (points of interest) we now have a file that we can upload to our GPS and have the Gun Shops Of Mass Map on our GPS!!!!!



Its pretty darn cool IMO.... If any help is needed to get this installed just send me a PM and I will help as best as I can. Also if there is enough interest I will work on other GPS brands.

Here is a screen shot based on current location..

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Hmmm.....AG Guns is right down the road from UMass Lowell...I may have to check them out on the way home from school one of these day
How do we get our shop listed on this?
Pullman Arms
33 Pullman Street
Worcester, MA 01606

Went there yesterday a little before 5:00. There was a sign there which said open until 5:30, but it was dark and nobody came when I knocked. There was a golden colored truck in the parking lot. Maybe it was a bathroom break, but a sign saying so would have helped. Is this place really open? Is it new?
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