Gun Rights Group scams

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The Dorr brothers are as much of a scam and grifters as this right to work spin off .org

National Association for Gun Rights

And they are operating in NH and Maine.

the nra certainly has had their share of problems in recent years, but at least members can vote for the board. This year (2024) it seemed to make a difference. These so called gun orgs are just money grabbing scammers. You can donate $$$ but you have no say in whom runs the org. I’ve heard, but cannot confirm that gun owners of America and the New Hampshire firearms coalition also are closed off and members are not really members but just suppliers of cash. Think about that for a minute….. even most local gun clubs allow members a say so…..
I guess it's no surprise. So many "non-profit" and special interest organizations are just money-making schemes. There really needs to be an extra circle of Hell reserved for all those scum-bags.
Here's a Anti-RKBA Group pretending to represent Gun Owners

The 97Percent Lie​

APRIL 8, 2024
NRA-ILA | The 97Percent Lie

The newest kid on the block in the gun-ban movement is a group calling itself 97Percent, which claims it has “a deep commitment to promoting responsible gun ownership and enhancing public safety.” In reality, it is just another in a long list of anti-gun advocacy groups claiming to promote “safety” while doing little more than working to undermine the Second Amendment.

Founded in 2020, the group derives its name from a discredited poll that tried to claim that 97% of gun owners support so-called “universal background checks.” We’ve previously debunked the notion that such polls have any validity, but that didn’t stop 97Percent from using the lie to promote its goal of criminalizing private sales of firearms.

Even 97Percent’s own surveys don’t support the group’s name. Ignoring the inherent flaws in polling “self-reported gun owners” by a group designed to promote anti-gun laws, the group’s own “data” indicates that support for “universal background checks” is rapidly diminishing among the people (claimed to be gun owners) it polls.

To put icing on the cake of the possibility that 97Percent is simply pretending to include gun owners in their conversations, AmmoLand recently posted an article exposing yet another lie—or at minimum an obvious attempt at deception.

According to the piece, 97Percent recently made at least nine posts to X (formerly Twitter) featuring “top female shooters and/or Second Amendment advocates” (including their photos) in apparent celebration of Women’s History Month. And although 97Percent didn’t specifically say so, the clear intention was to promote the absurd notion the group has support from gun owners, and especially these particular gun owners.
The only problem was, these particular gun owners didn’t seem to have any idea about the campaign.

One was quoted in the article as saying, “I did not endorse their message. I gave no permission for the photo. It is unfair to use my image and likeness to give the perception that I support what they are all about. I certainly don’t.”

Another asked, “Why would an anti-gun group post a picture of me? They never asked to use the photo. This doesn’t make sense. At best, this is theft of intellectual property.”

Yet another woman included is none other than Kim Rhode, one of America’s most decorated Olympians who medaled in six consecutive summer games shooting skeet and trap. She has also been involved, with NRA support, in a legal challenge to unconstitutional ammunition laws in California. It seems unlikely she consented to being used as a pawn in the anti-gun campaign of 97Percent.

After these posts began being noticed—especially by those who did not consent to use of their name or image—97Percent quickly deleted them.
It really should come as no surprise that an anti-gun organization would use deception—if not outright lies—to promote its anti-gun agenda.

Ultimately, 97Percent is little more than another anti-gun organization, perhaps with slightly different packaging. There have been other attempts to create anti-gun organizations that pretend to be made up of “average” gun owners. The group Giffords tried this trick. Other groups, like Americans for Gun Safety (AGS)—founded by the late billionaire, and former HCI board member, Andrew McKelvey—claimed to be “centrist” and tried to appeal to gun owners, like 97Percent does, but simply promoted anti-gun policies; again, like 97Percent. Both efforts failed to attract many actual gun owners, and while we cannot guarantee the same will happen to this group, we’ll go with there’s a 97% chance.
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