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Mar 13, 2005
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I just got a M27-3 four inch blue, it was rated it at 90%. I was told that was because it had some minor scrathes and the grips were dirt and dinged up.

Now when I looked at it I found the following. The grips were real good and they could use a light cleaning if you were real fussy, they did seem pretty decent with light use. The gun it self was in great shape, real smooth double action,crisp single action. Real good barrel. No scrathes but there was a spot on the cylinder where the bluing had worn down. More than likely from storage. Faint drag line like most blues.

I would rate it myself at 95%. It was almost like two different guns hade been inspected. I collect 27-2's and their real hard to find to find in 3 1/2 and 4 inches. That's is why I picked up this 27-3. I have been looking for a over 2 years for one.

What would you have rated it as and what's you estimate on a price for it.

I'll put down what I paid for it later.

Would you be interested in a 1960 S&W Model 27-no dash? It was produced with a 6" barrel but somewhere along the line someone cut it to 4.5". Also would include a copy of the Roy Jinks letter on it..

! would be asking $500 for it.
Good morning: I would guesstimate that your gun out my way would sell in the 500 to 550 price range. I just bought a couple this year for a good bit less but I was in the right place at the right time for both. As you know S&W revolvers are appreciating rapidly in price. In North Dakota older Colt D.A. revolvers are very rare. This is Smith&Wesson country as far as LEO handguns are concerned. Given that , the few S&W's that show up are grabbed real quick. You did well did get it in my opinion.
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