Gun owners of America

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Jan 20, 2013
Just went to the mailbox and in it was the newsletter from gun owners of america. In it were postcards printed out to send to my reps which i have signed and will send out Monday. I am also including in it a 35$ donation. In the newsletter it shows the anti's saying how the NRA is moving to the right because of more extreme groups such as GOA as they are a NO COMPROMISE org. After watching 300 again last night i couldn't help but notice the real issue...0nly 300 of the spartan army standing to fight. Had the full army of spartans come for support the story would have ended much differently. I am urging everyone here if you are not already a member to join. Also i would urge you all to join GOAL,COMM2A,SAF and the NRA. while the anti's are heavily focused on combatting the nra these other orgs could be growing also and fight from all fronts. If you truly cherish your 2A rights make one less overpriced purchase of ammo or one less trip to the range to do so as it could benefit us all in the long run by defeating these attacks on us and return things to normal. I thank all of you who do in advance.
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