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Gun Fighters Inc Kenai Chest Holster

Nick Leduc

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May 12, 2013
Inman, SC
I purchased a Gun Fighters Inc Kenai chest holster after reading a thread here that recommended it. Positive experience all around.

I was a little hesitant at first, $150 on a holster is the most I've ever spent, but said screw it once I priced competitors and what they offered.

Placed order 02/19
Shipped 02/23
Delivered 02/25

Out of the box, it took me about 5 minutes to set the straps where I felt comfortable and started practicing my draw. Very natural and quick draw for me. I will say, that my natural instinct is to take my non drawing hand to my chest and hold the holster as I draw to prevent the holster to move. Even though it is unnecessary, I still find myself doing it. I will have to practice with only one hand more.

I got it mainly for hiking. Today was a my first day using it. I wore it non stop for 10 hours. Overall comfort I will give it an 8.5. Points deducted because I became very itchy under the holster for the last hour. Probably due to the amount of sweat from hiking and the shirt being wet, we will see next time.

I wear a back pack while hiking, and the holster was not noticeable with the pack, no interference between the two while moving. One issue that I am aware of is that in order to draw, I have to do 2 extra steps. First would be unbuckle the top bucket of my pack (right hand). Second would be unzip my sweatshirt halfway down chest (left hand) last would be draw (right hand) The only time it become a little more noticeable that I was wearing it was when I had to tie my boots.

The biggest down side was the printing. I really don't care about printing, so it didn't bother me but some people stick to the concealed is concealed. I was carrying a G17c today. My wife said she didn't notice it until she saw me remove my sweatshirt, she may be half blind (you be the judge from the picture) haha.

Overall, great experience and the company has impressed me enough that I will be ordering a few more holsters to carry something a little smaller when printing is an issue.

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