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May 23, 2006
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If you were to buy a Glock or SIG in 40 S&W, where would you buy it? Would you buy new or used?
Another vote for Four Seasons. I was there today. Lots of G22s and even a few G26 and G27s that were Gen 3!!

Used but not abused is fine and Glock stands behind every gun with a lifetime warranty.

They also had Sigs there, but I don't know much about them so didn't look at what models they had.
FS has lots of factory refurbished G22s for $399 and other Glocks from 349 and up. Their Sigs run about 500 for the cheapest used ones to 700+ for new ones.

I own a G22, but either gun is good. Depends on what you're looking for in a gun. Both are reliable as hell. If money was no object I would have gotten a Sig, but it is for me.
four seasons

I would go four seasons all the way.
There are some other great shops out there, but you can without a doubt count on them to make your first gun purchase so smoothly.
They know what they are talking about and are not judgemental or try to impose their opinions on you.
You can't go wrong with a glock or sig... period.
Good luck!
Another vote for FS!

I like the consistency of a Glock myself, but either that or a Sig are good. I have a 22 and 27 and love both. They go bang at all the right times!

There are a few Glocks in our Classifieds on this forum.
If you wanted a new Glock you'd have to buy it used [rolleyes] That's MA logic for you.

+1 Four Seasons. Carl should run for office. I don't know anyone who goes there more than a few times who Carl can't greet by name.

+1 The classifieds are great. I got 3 pistols and a rifle here.
I faced the same question a few months back and went with the Sig. I don't like the feel of glocks and am completely happy with my sig
I vote Four Seasons all the way. I got a G22 from them about 5 months ago and the thing shoots like a dream.
I bought one of the rebuilt Glock 22's they have. I've put about 600 rounds through it without any problems of any kind. Got a great deal on it and a couple extra Hi-cap mag's as well.
Another vote for Four Seasons & Carl. I bought a Sig from Four Seasons sometime last year, & the quality is excellent. I also like the Glock .40 though, so it comes down to personal fit & preference.
I've recently bought three .40 Sigs, including a new one from FS.
It's a half day round trip for me but Carl got me a P226 stainless, in a couple days, when other dealers couldn't make it happen.
If I had to pick one, it would be the P229.
I didn't, so I've got the P239, P229, and P226. [smile] [smile] [smile]
Whichever one you are most comfortable with! I have to assume you will make this (one of) your CCW(s)?
I have a S&W 642 for CCW keep it in my pocket hardly know it is there. I would like to use the new purchase to try my hand in competing. (sp?) and secondly for home defense.
Four Seasons all the way!

Recently acquired a "Shorty" .40 (Glock 27) and love it. Great shooter and my wife, who has never shot one did fantastic her first time. [smile]

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