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What happened to the good 'ol days when the police found you and knew that you were guilty without doubt or being caught red handed, they just shot ya. This is just sickening, I do not even want to know why
H. Beam Piper said it best...

"I know Janiver's attitude on death penalties," Fane said. "He doesn't think people should be shot for committing crimes; he thinks that they should be shot for being the kind of people who commit them. He thinks shooting criminals is like shooting diseased veldbeest. A sanitation measure. So do I."

"The Other Human Race", by H. Beam Piper.
I'm not sure if I want the police performing summary executions behind the 7-11, but there ought to be a kind of "fast-track" capital punishment procedure when there is no doubt as to the identity of the guilty party. The first step, however is getting a workable death penalty amemndment to the US Constitution passed. I can't understand the thinking behind state's rights here; if you kill someone in the US, it shouldn't matter what damn state you're in! I fear that the US has become too soft to ever really get back to its senses when it comes to crime and punishment. I weep for this country.
May the police, DA, and everyone on the side of justice have all their parts in order and appeal proof and may the judge not be looking to make his tee time.

My eye-opener to the justice system came while I was in college. I was hit head-on by a drunk. I was injured, but not seriously - both vehicles were totaled.

(Go ahead Ross, make the joke that "that explains it")

Defendant was on a suspended license from his first DWI. Defendant was found guilty at a bench trial (just a judge) Appealed to a Jury trial (this isn't allowed anymore I've heard) He then pulled some legal tricks to get the case delayed several times. Finally, the judge pulled the defense attorney and the DA into his chambers for over an hour. When they emerged, the defendant plead guilty and was 'sentenced' to MUCH less than the original bench trial had issued.

Defendant walked out of the courtroom before I did.

I guess the fact I am still breathing made it much less of a crime.

Since then, I have absoutely no faith in 'justice'.
Chris said:
(Go ahead Ross, make the joke that "that explains it")

You want someone to insult you, Chris, you need to ask someone else. (I give Darius a hard time because he starts it... ) I've had friends who were headoned... they were picking glass out of Lois' eye for days from where she hit the windshield.

There's nothing funny about that. Or drunk drivers. Lost another friend to a drunk - hit headon on the Baltimore Beltway and killed instantly. I just can't joke about the carnage drunks cause on our roads... and the way they get off with a wink and a nod. As you learned.

Sorry about the depressing content of this message... but you hit a hot button.
I guess my main point (that I didn't sxpress well) is that if you commit unjustified murder like in this case, just execute the guilty bastard, why waste tax dollars on a court room hearing or even worse putting him in prison and feeding the low life for another 30 years with more of our tax dollars.
God what a sick bastard. That poor baby [cry]

I say do it barbarian style. Just ram a spear up his arse and stick him up in the air to die slowly...
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