Grandmother shoots intruder...

Mar 9, 2005
Haverhill, MA
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I was listening to Sean Hannity and he spoke with a 66 year old grandmother in TX who shot a guy that broke in to her home (only winged him in the leg). I've been looking to see if I can find the story, but no success as yet. However, she's going to be on the Hannity & Coombs show tonight. I hope she's as good on TV as she was on the radio.

Bless her heart and go granny!
Yeah I heard the show too..

The best part is she was encouraging women to get out, get some training, and get a small light weight handgun so they could defend theirselves.

Sean was great too... He was saying if the woman had don that in NY or MA SHE would be the one arrested and going to jail. So true, however SAD that truth is.

I also liked how Sean was so vocal about actual statistics on how the lower number of armed citizens there are the higher the crime rates are...

He mentioned an author... I forget what the guys name is, but he talked about his book, and how it gave real life statistics on the crime rate numbers.

Anyone know that author and book title?

John Lott - More guns, Less Crime. Excellent read. Yeah, Sean was great with her. She sounded seriously PO'd on the tape, didn't she? [lol]
She said he was a big boy and she's 66, 5'5" and 120 lbs. Yep - ya definately gotta love it. I cracked up when I heard her saying something about how dare he break in to her home. I'm sure it was a horrible situation for her, but damn, she handled herself well. Just goes to show you - momma bear protecting her cub - and in her case, her granddaughter. Who I might add was extremely composed on the phone, wasn't she? Well hell, why not? Gram was pointing the .38 at the scumbag, and she'd been trained too.
I heard part of it as well. It's always encouraging to see that there are still people whose outrage in the face of violence overcomes their fear. Any decent person should find themselves outraged. Those who don't simply demonstrate that they've reached a personal accomodation with evil.

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