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Gotta love MA... NOT

Ah, yes, Brookline, where if you're a woman who's afraid of being raped, you get to apply and wait several weeks... to see if they'll let you carry PEPPER SPRAY.

Don't bother applying for an LTC in Brookline. They won't let you carry.
To be totally honest that doesn't surprise me. The town was probably thrilled that they had his name on a report somewhere.
I thought that your records were supposed to be sealed when you turned 18.... The reason they are denying him is because his name appeared on a police report when he was a teenager... He says it was when he was 14 years old one of his friends he was with pointed a BB gun at a car.. They were all brought to the station and he had to wait until his folks came and picked him up... "But Bardfield said police told him his gun license was being denied ``on the grounds I associate myself with felons.''... How can a 14 year old he was friends with be a felon?

Maybe I'm just ignorant of the laws of the great (yeah right) commonwealth...

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