got this back from Devals office 3 weeks later

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May 26, 2005
Thank you for taking the time to inquire about Mr. Patrick's position on gun issues. As an attorney, Mr. Patrick recognizes the importance of the 2nd ammendment and has no intention of preventing law abiding citizens like yourself from exercising your right to bear arms under the Constitution. However, in order to crack down on crime and gang violence, he plans to work towards ending the trafficking of illegal guns into Massachusetts in order to make this state safer for all of us.

In his own words:

"I see an end to the trafficking of illegal guns into Massachusetts from neighboring and other states, through better coordination and cooperation among state, federal and local law enforcement.... Handguns are far too readily available to inner-city juveniles and felons. Guns sold illegally account for five out of six guns recovered in crimes. Some 60% of the guns used in crimes in Massachusetts are trafficked in from neighboring states that have much weaker gun laws. Meanwhile, our gun violence reduction initiatives, once nationally-recognized, have been allowed to erode."

For more information about Mr. Patrick's public safety plan at:

We hope that the above information has been helpful for you. Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions or concerns.


The Patrick/Murray Team

Sent: Wed 9/20/2006 6:08 PM
To: Deval Patrick Campaign
Subject: I am hopping you don't plan on being this anti gun

This was posted on a state shooting forum I go onto:

I copied this off Deval Patrick's Web Site. Three of his agenda items under this topic of "End Gang and Gun Violence" relate to legal gun sales. This should concern all of us.

End Gang and Gun Violence.

The resurgence of gang violence in Massachusetts must be stopped and will be in my administration. In addition to a renewed commitment to community policing, we will

restore the law enforcement, public health and community-based strategies that worked in the 1990s and support the Urban Violence Reduction Initiative undertaken by several urban mayors;

revive the coordination between state and local police and federal law enforcement throughout the region to attack illegal gun trafficking into Massachusetts at the source;

limit gun purchases in Massachusetts to one firearm per month;

ensure that private sellers such as those at gun shows are subjected to the same reviews and checks as licensed dealers;

require background checks of purchasers at gun shows and from private dealers;

strengthen the ability of prosecutors to protect witnesses of gang violence.
To ensure safe schools for students and teachers, we will renew our commitment to conflict resolution and peer mediation programs that help dramatically reduce violence in schools by offering peaceful alternatives to resolving disputes.

First of if he plans to be this anti gun the word is already getting out, we are sure not going to vote for him.

And there are more then 175K gun owners in Mass if you think he will limit the # of firearms I buy a month he is out of his mind, I am a legal gun owner in mass and when you can limit how much beer someone can buy in one month then try to play that with firearms and if you want to limit gang violence make the law hard on person who don't have a permit.

By adding more gun laws you don't stop a gang member from getting a gun they don't get a permit, or go into a gun shop the only thing more gun laws will do is make us move from a Nazi state like Mass. And I would be the first to sell my house and move if he thinks I would stand for it. I right now would never vote for him and you just lost 175K votes from his statement above Heley just got my vote.

Helps to have picked up a firearm before you want to talk about firearm laws, I was a marine for 7 yrs and worked government security in federal building after that so I know what it means to use a firearm to save a life does he???

Don't think so with that sliver spoon in his mouth.
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