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Dec 2, 2005
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I have been trying to find the closest range to my house in Newton.

To help do this, and assist others, I put together a spatially coded map of all the gun ranges, clubs, and dealers that I could find into Google Earth file format. Google Earth is a free geospatial viewer that can show you aerial views of anyplace on earth, overlaid with road maps. To download it, just Google for "Google Earth"

You can see a screen shot below

And you can download the map database as a Google Earth file at

I am trying to make a complete list of all gun clubs and dealers in MA. If there is one that is not in this list please send me a note with it's info, and I will add it. If any of these entries is stale, send me a note also.

I got the databse from a Google search for MA firearms and ranges, as well as an NRA list I found someplace. I have tools to convert street addresses into Lat/Lon coordinates.

Send me any corrections if you know them. This stuff was just scraped off the web...

Where an address for a club was listed only as a PO Box, the lat/lon locator will come back with the town center I suppose.
User Google Maps, I find the coord to be

42 02 05 60 N by 71 11 36 54 W That should put you right on our clubhouse.

Can you give me the full Name and address of the club you're referring to?

Any phone numbers ,URL, etc can be added as well,
Newton? The two closest ranges are probably Braintree and Wayland.

Wayland is closer than Maynard or Riverside. Clubhouse address is 4 Meadoview Road, Wayland, 01778.
hminsky said:
User Google Maps, I find the coord to be

42 02 05 60 N by 71 11 36 54 W That should put you right on our clubhouse.

Can you give me the full Name and address of the club you're referring to?

Any phone numbers ,URL, etc can be added as well,

Sorry, it's Mansfield Fish and Gun, not Mansfield Rod and Gun. And the problem is there really isn't an addressd. But the webisite is

That's why I gave you the Long/Lat of the club.
Rather than expecting somebody else to do all the work, let me make a suggestion. If you're familiar with a club, you most likely can nail the location dead on with Google Earth. (I can tell the image of Westford Sportsmen's Club was taken on a Sunday afternoon from the cars parked at the trap and sporting clays ranges and even see blurred images of some shooters.) When you do, save the link with Google Earth, adding the full name of the club and any descriptive information you might have; you'll get a *.kmz file just like the one that hminsky posted. Then email him a copy of the file. He can then easily integrate that into the file he posted.

Sending me a .kmz file is certainly the easiest thing for me to deal with.

Otherwise, just sending the info as four or five lines containing

web site URL:
[optional] GPS coords

will work OK
The Gun Guy has a listing,

NRA's Freehunters has a listing, Select State --&sn=. has a listing,

Where to has a listing,

GOAL lists clubs affiliated with them,

These are some I use.

Actually I've spent the last few nights making a list of places in MA that have indoor ranges as a friend moved back to MA and hasn't decided where to find a house yet, so I decided to make my own list.

I guess the latest isn't loaded up yet. I see the North Worc. Fox and Coon club is still way off, Century isn't there, and Nimrod isn't there. Your version of Auburn S.C. is closer to the clubhouse whereas the one I have is closer to the ranges.

Thanks for doing this.
I think tha Mass. Rifle Association in Woburn and the Woburn Sportsmens Association in Bedford are the closest clubs to you. I've shot at both, and I'm a member at WSA.
AFS in No. Attleboro would do it and perhaps the newly renovated place in Haverhill area?

Next up is Manchester Firing Line (definite yes) in NH.

There aren't many private rental ranges in MA (or even in the Northeast).
Which of the MA ranges would rent handguns to an unlicenced individual? BostonGun range ( in Worcester would do but it is inconvenient for me.

Any others?



Bay State Arms (formerly Bob's Tactical) in Salisbury, MA does and they have a wide variety to choose from. They're located at 90 Lafayette Rd., Rte. 1 in Salisbury. 978-465-5561
Here a link to a map of Nimrod League of Holden in Princeton, MA. I shaded roughly what the club has for land. It is not to scale. To the north of the club land, on the other side of the power lines, is DCR land. The club sold it to the MDC for $1 million, long before I joined the club. The club invested that money where they eventually had $2.1 million. We just bought last year about 300 acres for approximately $400,000 which is included in the rough sketch of the property. Across the street (to the East) is the Poutwater Wildlife Management Area.

Club Site:
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Fall River Police Outdoor Range.


Somerset Sportsmans Club


Norton Arms


Richies Sporting Supply
is there a way to bulk download/upload ranges and dealers in mass to GPS I have a garmin 1100?
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