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Good shotgun for younger person learning trap shooting?


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Dec 2, 2005
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What would be a good shotgun for a younger person (age ~ 10-11) to learn to shoot clay targets?

I am interested in something not heavy and that has minimal recoil. What would be the smallest guage and lightest load usable?
I would recommend a Remington 1100 in any of the sub gauges. 20 Ga won't be too hard to find or overly expensive but one in 28 Ga will cost more than a 20 or 12. Recoil through the 28 or 410 is almost non-existant but ammo is twice as much as 12 or 20. Also there are a lot of youth models in the used market so finding a gun that fits a kid might be a bit easier. One word of caution (for what its worth) try not to buy a 20 Ga with a synthetic stock, 28 or 410 is O.K. but the plastic is lighter than the wood and felt recoil is about the same in a 20 Ga and a wood stocked 12. To get an idea of whats out there check Guns America or any other internet broker site, also try Kittery Trading Post. Their used shotgun selection has been pretty good for the last year or so. Good luck.
I'd suspect that the "pull" (length of stock to trigger) would be much too long on a Rem 1100 for a 10-11 yo.

I'd be looking for a "youth shotgun".

Some off the top of my head suggestions on where to look (I have no idea about models, but you might try Google on "youth shotgun" and see what turns up):

- Riley's in Hookset, NH
- Roach's in Cambridge (PRC)
- Richie's in Fall River (I posted a thread about them in the gun shops forum, so a search should find their contact info)
- KTP in Kittery, ME
- Other places that cater to the hunting crowd.

Good luck.
Blue Northern had a nice 20 ga pump for $200 that Bill showed me last week. The 1100s start about $350. Youth shotguns have a limited useful time period. You could probably find a used one that has minimal use.
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