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Feb 26, 2005
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Harbor Freight (surplus outlet) sometimes has sales that are hard to beat. Here's a frequent one on electronic hearing protection for $19.99 and Nitrile gloves (good for cleaning and resistant to the chemicals) for $5.99/100.

A number of shooters bought these electronic earmuffs and were impressed with the quality vs. cost. They aren't stereo, but they aren't $139 either!
Another Elec Hearing Protection Deal - Grafs & Sons

If you have a C&R FFL, here's a deal from Grafs on Hearing Protection (sale expires 4/15/05).

Peltor Tactical 7S-Stereo Electronic (NRR 24db)- $102.99
Peltor Tactical 6S-Stereo Electronic (NRR 19db)- $59.99
Peltor Tactical 6S (behind the neck model)-Stereo Electronic (NRR 19db)- $59.99

This is an example of why having a C&R FFL (see a prior post on forum) is a good thing to have. Retail prices on these items from Grafs & Sons will be higher.
Len, Those Peltor muffs you mentioned are on sale in alot of the mail order catalogs now. cabelas through Natchezz. I think they must have the next greatest product coming out soon. I did buy some in December from Dunns, I think they were around 60 or 70 bucks. They are awesome it almost seems like they are'nt working the electronics work so well. Nice to see you on this sight as well Len

Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy the place . . . learn some, contribute some.

When Derek started this forum, he asked me to be a Moderator. All the Mods are "on the same page" for keeping this a fun and educational place, without the backbiting and trolls that inhabit other forums.

Peltors: Their own website no longer lists the Tac-7, leading me to conclude that it is going "obsolete" and being closed out by numerous dealers. They are great and electronic muffs are essential for any training or tactical drills (both for Instructors AND Students).

Harbor Freight: These electronic muffs may be cheap, but they seem to work fine (although a non-shooting test I did seems to indicate that they have a longer lag time than the Tac-7 before you can hear speech after they shutdown due to high noise). My Wife likes them! I also bought some for Brent and Derek, although they haven't reported how well they work yet.
I have the Peltor Tac-6. They work great. Nice clipping and recovery. Still should use plugs with them especially at the indoor range.
I agree Jon, I love them for shooting sporting clays, you can hear conversation, the trap, etc but I don't like them as much for shooting high power or indoor handgun. I'll have to try them with plugs in. Shooting at Plymouth the other day a guy was shooting his AR beside me and it made me wince once in awhile.
Ya, using the plugs too is a good idea anyway.
Plymouth? You a member there? I just rejoined last month. Maybe I'll see ya there some time.
JonJ, No I'm not a member there but shoot sporting clays almost every Sunday, as long as there is no tournament or a good Striper bite on. I won't join because I am member at Old Colony in Pembroke and would rather give the non-member sporting clays money right to Dennis. The full mag range rules are nice and I do shoot there with some of my friends who are members when we want to blaze away. Maybe see you around at some point. John
OK John, maybe I'll see you on the outdoor range at Plymouth sometime. I considered Joining Old Colony but I when I heard that only 1 round was allowed in a rifle it convinced me to return to Plymouth.
Range Report

Just received the Harbor ear muffs (three weeks) went to the range and they seem to work fine. On one rifle shot one shut off. We switched batteries and it fired up again. For the price I don't think you can beat it.
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