GONH Minuteman Alert - Oppose HB 109-FN & HB 514-FN

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Jan 26, 2018
HB 109-FN seeks to limit all “commercial sales” of firearms to only those who possess a federal firearms license. However, the bill defines commercial sales as “a sale, transfer, or exchange of a firearm that takes place at, or on the curtilage of, a firearm or ‘gun’ show or pursuant to an offer to sell, buy, transfer, or exchange a firearm that took place at a gun show, or pursuant to an advertisement, posting, listing, or display”. The bill purports to exempt private sales stating, “This chapter shall not apply to a noncommercial, private sale, transfer, or exchange of a firearm between individuals, provided neither party to the transaction is a prohibited person. If the status of either party’s eligibility to own or possess a firearm cannot be ascertained, the transaction shall be completed through a licensed firearm dealer…” This effectively prevents not only the private sales of firearms, but the gifting of firearms altogether. The reality is that no individual has access to either the State or Federal databases that identify prohibited persons and as such, eligibility cannot be ascertained. Therefore, the so-called exception is a red herring because if you just take the buyer or person who is to receive the gift on his/her word and it turns out to be untrue, the seller or giver of the gift is on the hook for misdemeanor. This hearing is scheduled for 2/13/19 at 1pm in room 204 in front of the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee.

HB 514-FN seeks to impose a seven working day limitation on firearm and ammunition sales. Working days exclude weekends and holidays. Therefore, if a person purchases a firearm and ammunition the Monday before Thanksgiving, he/she will not be able to pick those items up until 11 days later. An exception applies to those who are seeking to buy a rifle or shotgun and has completed a minimum of a 16-hour hunter safety course offered by the department of fish and game (unless exempted) or a state, county, or municipal law enforcement officer, state or county correctional officer, or an active duty member of the armed forces. Ultimately, this bill is taking the first step toward mandatory training prior firearm ownership. It first gives you the stick by requiring a mandatory waiting period, but will give you the carrot of not having to wait if you voluntarily get trained first. The other exceptions are those who are already armed by the government. This hearing is scheduled for 2/13/19 at 2:30pm in room 204 in front of the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee.

We urge you to contact members of this committee and inform them of your opposition to these two bills.


Chairman Robert Renny Cushing (D), (603)926-2737, Email: [email protected]

Vice Chairman, Beth Rodd (D), (603)938-2692, Email: [email protected]

Rep. Laura Pantelakos(D), (603)436-2148, Email: [email protected]

Rep. Andrew O'Hearne(D), ‪(603)558-1038, Email: [email protected]

Rep. Linn Opderbecke(D), (603)742-4119, Email: [email protected]

Rep. John Bordenet(D), (603)352-0680, Email: [email protected]

Rep. David Meuse(D), (No phone), Email: [email protected]

Nancy Murphy(D), (603)424-0254, Email: [email protected]

Ray Newman(D), (603)880-8973, Email: [email protected]

Julie Radhakrishnan(D), (603)321-1965, Email: [email protected]

Sandy Swinburne(D), (603)876-4173, Email: [email protected]

David Welch(R), (603)642-4402, Email: [email protected]

Dennis Fields(R), (603)528-6224, Email: [email protected]

John Burt(R), (603)624-5084, Email: [email protected]

Dennis Green(R), (603)234-7776, Email: [email protected]

Jody McNally(R), (603)330-7655, Email: [email protected]

Dave Testerman(R), (603)320-9524, Email: [email protected]

Scott Wallace(R), (603)642-6379, Email: [email protected]

Daryl Abbas(R), (603)560-1929, Email: [email protected]

Mitchell W. Kopacz


Gun Owners of New Hampshire
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