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GOAL should investigate Northeast Trading

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Dec 27, 2008
In god foresaken mAssachusetts
Sometimes the crazier you fight to prove your innocense the more guilty you can look.

I have no vested interest in the outcome of any investigation or with the success or failure of NET and I am not a Ted apologist.

However, after reading as many posts as I can about this subject there appears to be a few of common factors....

1. There is much emotion about the subject and many many opinions expressed based on emotion and a rolling snowball.

2. It appears that in posts that are more than a year old Ted acknowledges calling AG once about 3 years ago regarding BP selling non-compliant guns (perhaps this is enough to earn the reaction from those who wish to boycott him).

3. Accusations of other calls and actions appear to stick pretty easily to the guy because of the call he admits to making.

4. In the latest Bass Pro (22a-1) incident I have yet to see anyone say that they know first hand of who said what to whom. Even C-Pher was very careful to say that all he knew for sure was that a person in Bass Pro stated his reason for returning the firearm was based on something said to him at NET. In none of the posts was it even confirmed that the statement came from an NET employee. (Am I missing something??)

5. C-Pher has said that he was going to try to visit Ted and ask about it. I have not heard any result of that either. (C-Pher, did you ever learn anything substantial?)

I was told by another NES member that he believed this stemmed from a person who wanted to return the gun and refund policies being what they are this became a means to an end.

I would very much like to know the whole truth of the matter as I am sure many of you would as well.

Is there anyone who can place facts and names on this? I agree with depicts who said.....

It has been stated before in lots of threads that it is believed the AG has trolls reading and posting here. This one issue must have them rolling in the aisles while they watch us devour a 2A supporter and enmity among us spreads.



Sorry scouter-Rick but this goes beyond emotion, which you apparently attribute to everyone who has made the decision to boycott NET.

Re BPS and Glocks, Ted the Turd admitted being the person to rat them out to the AG. And I don't think it occurred 3 years ago either because if my memory serves me correctly, BPS hasn't been open that long.

RE the out of state ammo dealers. Again, Ted the Turd admitted being the person to contact the AG and make all our lives that much harder, as if living under the AG's stupid, draconian, anti-gun laws wasn't hard enough. [angry][angry][angry]

RE the most recent 22A-1 incident with BPS. The customer who returned the weapon to BPS told them that it was a worker at NET who put the fear of god in him by telling him that BPS sold him an illegal (in MA) firearm and could be arrested for owning one, thus prompting BPS to pull them off their shelves.

Ted the Turd is the Benedict Arnold of our times. At least for those of us who live in the oppressive state of Soviet Massachusetts.

I purchase from vendors who sympathize with our plight, not those who make it even harder for us. Nothing emotional about my assessment of Ted the Turd; just a simple common sense conclusion and a decision not to help the person who works with the AG to continually harass us.
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