GOAL Annual Meeting 2005-Review

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Feb 26, 2005
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The GOAL meeting was good, not spectacular. New location wasn't bad, just small (compared to the Best Western-Marlboro). Poor turnout for Annual Meeting (28 attendees), but probably 400+ for the banquet and short speech by Miss Massachusetts. . . it was all over ~8:30PM. Very tasteful tribute to our Armed Services started the Banquet with very nice movie and slide presentations.

Got to talk with two pro-gun State Reps for a while (one on two), especially regarding the changed "interpretations" of law/regs by the current administration in Public Safety (e.g. FA10s now required for frame purchases). Chatted with Attys Darius Arbabi and Jesse Cohen for a bit. Missed talking with Atty Keith Langer, as he arrived late and was scrambling to cover the SVI table. I see that I was successful in convincing Darius to join this forum, I hope he takes some time and contributes to our knowledge. Welcome Darius!

Atty Jesse Cohen advised me to check Monday's Daily Transcript (Dedham newspaper) . . . that's all that I know at this time. http://www.dailynewstranscript.com/ might get us the story tomorrow.

Chatted with Jim Peterson of PSI. He advised me that his website had "disappeared" due to his web hosting company taking his money (and others) and running! Jim told me that he hooked up with a GOAL member to host his new website and should be back online shortly.

I left there happy after winning the auction for the Chiefs Brass Catcher for $55.00 (list $125.00). See www.chiefsbrasscatcher.com for details.

Jim Wallace, Exec. Director of GOAL (and lobbyist) advised us that the new Licensing Review Board has been very effective. To date, ~66 people have applied for review (but 20+ did NOT meet the requirements for appealing to the Licensing Review Board . . . they can only hear a narrow set of disqualifiers), 22 have had their full gun rights restored, a couple were found to be "unsuitable people" and denied and the remainder (~20 cases) have been heard and taken under advisement (no decision yet).
I see that I was successful in convincing Darius to join this forum, I hope he takes some time and contributes to our knowledge. Welcome Darius!


Congratulations on getting Darius to join this forum. He and Jon Green were the instructors for the NRA Instructors Course which I took in Oct 2003. I think I can safely say that all of us in that course enjoyed having Darius and Jon as instructors and that we all learned a lot from these two fine individuals. I am sure that Darius will be a great addition to Northeast Shooters.

Thanks for the summary of the GOAL meeting. Hopefully one of these days I'll be able to attend.
I'll throw in a couple of comments.

Make that 29 at the annual meeting; I walked in late due to the rain. My guess is that a number of people who would otherwise have been at the meeting were delayed enough that they blew the meeting off and just hit the cocktails and banquet.

I wonder what sort of drugs the people at Public Safety were on when the "interpreted" Mass law to require an FA-10 for a frame? Has anybody here ever attempted to discharge a projectile using just a frame? Never mind, Jack; it's Chinatown.

I too got to talk with a couple of reps, Darius, Len, and Scott (the NRA rep who drove up from NJ in the rain). I was looking for Jesse to talk with him, but missed him. The article Len mentioned is currently on-line. Jesse's representing a Dedham man who had his LTC pulled when his jacket blew open, revealing his legally carried firearm to a police officer. Jack, just let it go; it's Chinatown.

I also got into a discussion with John Peterson, the result of which is that I've now got one more thing to keep me away at my computer and from the range. Oh well, i was close enough to getting my head above water that I probably needed to make another decompression stop.

I figure that I must have won a couple of raffles. Two tickets in the block immediately before the one I bought were drawn, as well as two from the block immediately after, so they had me bracketed.

Chatted with Jim Peterson of PSI.
I assume you meant John Peterson. Do you have contact information for John? I haven't taken a class in a few years and I'd love to take another with John. I went trolling for his website a while back and couldn't find it...[/quote]
Yes, it was probably just one of those brain farts. You might try contacting John at [email protected]. He mentioned a couple that he's got one scheduled for this area, but I don't recall all the details.

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