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May 2, 2005
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Senate Bill 2133, An Act to Reduce Gang Violence in the Commonwealth , has been stripped of the ballistic imaging language by the Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee. The bill now goes to Senate Ways and Means. However, there is still language that causes great concern to gun owners.
In an effort to address the problem of "community guns" (guns left hidden in neighborhoods by gang members for easy retrieval), S.2133 proposes to create a punishment for this practice. The unintended consequences of this language would equally punish a criminal hiding a gun behind a mailbox and a law abiding citizen leaving a gun at a gun dealer! GOAL has suggested alternative language to the legislature to protect gun owners civil rights

WOW! So if this wording makes it through, I would be in violation if I left my gun for repair or service at a DEALER?!!?!


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