Glock 19 & FNP-9 + Blazer ammo =

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Apr 19, 2012
Socialist Republic of Massachusetts
= Constant barrage of aluminum to the forehead!

So today I decide to take out my (new to me) Glock 19 Gen4 and FNP-9, that I recently purchased from some great NES members, to the range. Both guns were barely used by their previous owners (100 rounds or less) so they were still being broken in. I read that the Glock Gen4s had issues so I made sure I had the latest RSA and ejector parts installed (I had to order the new ejector). I also added the Ghost 3.5lbs trigger connector as well as the smooth Glock trigger (I hate the serrated one). I polished the feed ramp and the extractor. I felt this gun was ready for anything I could feed it. As for the FNP-9, I installed the new metal RSA part from FNH directly. Other than that, I felt it was good to go as is.

I get to the range with 6 boxes of Blazer 115gr (aluminum) and 2 boxes of Federal 124gr. I have 4 mags for the Glock (1 Hicap) and 3 mags for the FNP. I fill up all the mags with the Blazer first, as I want to use up the cheap stuff as the guns break in. Now I have read about people getting 2 or 3 cases to the forehead and I would not have been surprised to get a few. But I am not joking when I say it was every single one! Tried the Glock first, round after round either off my glasses, off my forehead, on top of my head, or down my shirt. Mag after mag, same thing. I even tried to death grip it to rule that out....same results. Went trough 45 rounds and they all came straight back within a 2 foot diameter area (my head being the center of that area).

Needless to say I was rather upset (and sore). So I try the FNP-9. Again, same story. I am watching these cases come right at me as I shoot and find myself flinching. The trajectory of the FNP-9 ejections were much lower than the Glock so the cases never left my field of view. Quite disturbing.

So with the mags ruled out (happened to all 7), and my grip ruled out, I next turned to the ammo. Mind you that this Blazer works perfectly with my Ruger LC9 and my SR9, which I just sold. I loaded up my Federal ammo and tried the FNP-9 first. Much better! Now the cases are ejecting properly and quite consistant. The Glock was next. Much better as well, but not perfect. I would say 3 of the 40 rounds I fired ejected straight back. At this point, I am happy with that and from what I read about the Gen4s, it takes a little breaking in.

As for the guns, both are very accurate and reliable and a pleasure to shoot once I stopped getting aluminum off the forehead. Even with the Blazer, neither one had a FTF or FTE, which I think says a lot.

When I got home, I checked the stats on the Blazer ammo. It seems they are very lightly loaded (270 ft/lbs), whereas the Federal is at just north of 350 ft/lbs. I never really checked the stats before as I only use it for cheap range ammo. But it looks like I need to spend a little more now.
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