Glad to be back!!


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Jul 28, 2010
Central MA
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I had to re-up. I haven’t been spending much time here on NES as I used to. It was once as (if not more) addictive to me as Facebook, IG...etc were to most... but then life got in the way. Kids, multiple jobs, marriage, divorce, new relationship, buying a house, everything that comes along with that. But now,with the state of the country, I need to be back more than ever. Ive worked in the firearms industry (or indirectly related) for a long time. Since Biden won (so says CNN anyways) I feel like I need to get back involved in the firearms industry more than ever. I’m maintaining my green status, donating to GOAL, and going for my instructors cert through goal. With my time working at Pullman arms (that’s me on the front page of the site) and Interstate Arms (for a short period of time..... f*** distributing guns, waaaaaaaay too political.... research allocation) I feel like I need to step up and do my part in the MA firearms community. I’m super glad to officially be back!
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