German sniper (?) Scopes


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May 6, 2005
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Just picked these up at a gun show. They looked "sniper-ish" to me so I grabbed them. Maybe they're not. I don't know. Top one is marked with maker. Bottom one is unmarked except for a serial number. What can you tell me about them?20220226_112216.jpg20220226_112241.jpg
Cool pick up! I know that Braunschweig (Brunswick) is a German city.

I found the top scope pretty quick on Google, its a WW1 era sniper scope for sure.

The mounts are probably made by Merkel.

Voigtlander ceased operations in 1972.

The value for the Voigtlander seems to be around $200.

The second one SKOPAR F (Scope F), I have no idea but it looks like a Voigtlander too.

Here's a little info,

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Double claw mounts. Just in case you want to see an image to the mating side. Yes I am Scope-less. My hunt continues. Great score.20220227_091933.jpg
Only the bottom, smaller scope has double-claw rings, front and back, like your mounts. The larger scope has a single claw on the rear ring.
I did finally find a maker for the bottom scope (with the help of my cell phone magnifier). It's a Gerard with the correct 2,4, 6 elevation dial.20220303_125512.jpg20220303_125427.jpg
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