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Jun 7, 2005
The Land of Confusion and Pissed off!
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Well, someone I know posted this somewhere else. So, I figured that I would pass this along.

DISCLAMER: I don't know how true this is, so I haven't verified it. But I thought that it was interesting.


New York 62.9 cents
Hawaii 60.1 cents
California 60.0 cents
Illinois 54.6 cents
Connecticut 53.9 cents
Michigan 52.4 cents
Nevada 51.9 cents
Wisconsin 51.3 cents
Florida 49.8 cents
Pennsylvania 49.5 cents
Rhode Island 49.4 cents
Washington 49.4 cents
Indiana 48.0 cents
Ohio 46.4 cents
Montana 46.2 cents
Maine 45.8 cents
North Carolina 45.8 cents
West Virginia 45.4 cents
Nebraska 44.6 cents
Idaho 43.4 cents
Kansas 43.4 cents
Utah 42.9 cents
Oregon 42.4 cents
South Dakota 42.4 cents
Maryland 41.9 cents
Massachusetts 41.9 cents
Delaware 41.4 cents
North Dakota 41.4 cents
Georgia 41.2 cents
Colorado 40.4 cents
Minnesota 40.4 cents
Arkansas 40.1 cents
Iowa 40.1 cents
Tennessee 39.8 cents
New Hampshire 39.0 cents
Alabama 38.7 cents
Washington D.C. 38.4 cents
Louisiana 38.4 cents
Texas 38.4 cents
Vermont 38.4 cents
Virginia 37.7 cents
Arizona 37.4 cents
Mississippi 37.2 cents
Kentucky 36.9 cents
New Mexico 36.4 cents
Missouri 36.0 cents
Oklahoma 35.4 cents
South Carolina 35.2 cents
New Jersey 32.9 cents
Wyoming 32.4 cents
Alaska 26.4 cents
It's not that different from the tobacco case. Whenever anybody mentions "big tobacco", I immediately interrupt and say "Oh, did you mean the government?" The federal government and most states take in several times more revenue on each pack of cigarettes than the tobacco companies do. In places like NY and California, its roughly 10 times as much. A lot of state politicians will get up on their soap boxes and scream about price gouging, profiteering and collusions, but they'll almost never suggest temporarily lowering or eliminating their taxes. Because state and federal gasoline prices are rolled into the price of gasoline, you're even subjected to sales tax on the taxes you pay.

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