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Apr 5, 2013
The CommonPuke of LiberChusetts
I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE [rofl] [rofl] [rofl] [rofl]
gone way too soon, brilliant comedian.
Wife and I saw Patrice O'Neal at Kowloon about 15 years ago... To this day, we both agree it was one of the best, most hilarious nights we'd ever spent at a comedy show. There were two other great local comedians sharing the stage that night, Lenny Clarke the headliner.. Patrice was funnier than the first guy and Lenny COMBINED (and we know Lenny personally and even HE says Patrice used to make him (Lenny) literally wanna piss himself laughing.

O'Neal was yet another in a long, long line of comedians who, unfortunately, lived a "Short life and a merry one". The guy was one funny bastard and if you find more of his stuff on YouTube you can spend an entire evening of "self-quarantine" laughing the pandemic away.
He was awesome. RIP
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