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May 10, 2011

1995 Polaris Indy 440 – $400 (Iron mountain)

Have a hard time pickin up the ladies?

Wanna smoke a whole carton of marbs and jam out to some Skynrd?

Want to lower the property value in your neighborhood?

Just wanna f*ckin send it?

This absolute beast of a machine can help you do all of those things in style for $400obo.

-Usually starts easy and runs like a champ. (It really does)
-Fresh duct tape on the seat as of 2018
-It has heated grips if you can figure out the wiring.
-The light bar flashes like a strobe light so you’re always ready to party.
-Smokes like a SOB so you can feel like you’re at a def leppard concert.

-The suspension leans to one side because too many chicks were crawling all over this thing.
-The speedometer is stuck at 69mph
-The odo stopped at 420mi
-You WILL end up paying child support to any lady that sees you riding this hog. (Its nick name is “sex machine” for obvious reasons)

If this post offends you don’t waste your time reporting it and look for a different sled. You know those twigs you call arms couldn’t start this thing anyway.

If you have a set of nuts and think you can handle this beast text 906-221-two7one7

If i don’t answer the phone leave a voice mail and explain why you think you can handle this bada** rig
I want it!! My buddy has a similar sled even though he can afford new ones. I think I could antique register it this year and be done with it!


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Jul 11, 2006
citizen turned Felon in CT
I have tried to help my granddaughter do her math homework several times and I can't get over all the work she has to go through so she can show how she got the answer. She usually has the right numbers but sometimes puts the decimal in the wrong place.
sometimes I cheat and use a calculator!

did you forget what you learned in school? nobody walks around with a calculator in their pocket ...

Just another way our teachers lied to us. The other big one
If you don't study, you're going to end up being a garbage man when you grow up.

who knew that garbage men work for the city, make 90K a year, have 30 paid days off a year, a pension and a job that's almost impossible to get fired from
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