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WTT Free State 2014 Kimber Custom ii + 1999 Bulgarian Makarov

Discussion in 'WTS/WTT Rifles' started by dudebroparty, Nov 27, 2017.

  1. dudebroparty

    dudebroparty NES Member

    Apr 27, 2015
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    Location: Waltham MA
    Terms: EFA-10 Transfer via smartphone at a range or club after test-firing
    Contact: PM

    if you have an extra PAP or Sport II with bulk ammo sitting in your zombie bunker -- let's trade!
    I have ammo, holsters, locks cases magazines and accessories for both.
    Trading away my single actions because my Glock 19 & Sig P320c are my dedicated range guns now.

    My wish list:
    -Entry Level AR or AK
    -M1 carbine
    -funky Sig rifles
    -Ruger GP100 Match Champion stainless
    -Ruger SP101 2" stainless
    -Ruger SR22 stainless
    -new S&W Model 64 4" stainless
    -HK P2000
    -Walther PPK or Bersa Thunder 22LR stainless
    -Beretta 92 Inox

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