Fraud at the highest level!!!

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May 27, 2011
I'd like to start by apologizing for the provocative title. I merely wanted to get some cheapo-quick interest.

That being said I ran across a rifle which I was unaware of. Its made in Russia under the Vepr brand. The particular rifle I would like is chambered in 7.62x 54r with a 20.5 or 23 inch barrel. The first website I was looking at no longer carries the gun. I was looking at another dealer (btw if anybody has reviews of the customer service of) called center fire system has the rifle in lefty (which would be awesome) however they have a disclaimer saying they will not ship semi auto rifles to MA, presumably because someone at the AG office had a temper tantrum and sent an aggressive letter. Could I have the rifle shipped to a RI or NH FFL and pick it up there? I don't really see any problems in terms of the law. Its a rifle- crossing states lines OK. It only has but 1 evil feature for AWB.

Is this an option?

I feel like it would be more productive than writing them polite letter saying their policy is bull.

Anybody see these rifles around greater Boston?

Thank you gentlemen for your time.
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Dec 15, 2006
If the rifle in question is legal to own here, and you can find a dealer willing to do the transfer, and assuming that centerfire will play ball the transaction is 100% legal and legit.
The problem is (in my past experience) most out of state FFL's will likely say no, and centerfire may not be willing to ship to a state you don't live in. YMMV best of luck.
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