Four Seasons Firearms, Woburn, MA

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Feb 26, 2005
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Four Seasons Firearms in Woburn MA is located in the rear of a small building. It isn't very big, but they have the BEST customer service you will find anywhere in MA! Their prices are also very competitive and oftentimes their specials rival mail-order. They are a very busy shop, the highest volume dealer in MA and that is directly attributable to the way customers are treated (male or female, newbie or pro). Carl and his entire crew are A+ by anyone's standards. No BS here, very knowledgeable help (and willing to admit when they don't know something). I am not affiliated in any way, just a very satisfied customer. - Highly recommend that you sign up for their Email list (NO spam) as their "Holly Specials" (or "Internet Specials") will frequently get you very low pricing.

This shop comes very highly recommended!
Fourseasons is the best gun store I have ever been to period. If they have it, they have my business, plan and simple.

Carl's CC company charged me twice for a pistol safe about a month ago, after a couple emails, and a visit, he cut me a check right there. Outstanding service. Of course, his CC company refunded me a week later, and I was the one writing the check then.

I may have to pick up a p-22. I had a dream about one.
The P22 is a decent plinking gun. I bought one from Carl a while ago and that is what my Wife is now shooting (that was the plan when I bought it).
Yup...Carl is tops in my book. It is worth the 30 mile drive from the south shore. And yes, I also purchased my P22 from Carl. :D
I have to agree. FS is a top notch organization. I've walked out of there with a few handguns as well as a safe. I love visiting and learning from the employees as well as the customers. A very pleasant place to visit and definitely the best value around for firearms and accesories

Bugie the loyal customer
Going to Gloucester this weekend and will have to stop in there on way..Been thinking about a Glock 17 for a while now maybe this is the time to do it..
Being somewhat new to the shooting sports, I went to Four Seasons on the recommendation of my Basic Pistol Safety course instructor. They are a very friendly, helpful crew and always take the time to answer any questions I have. Carl goes out of his way to help with my newbie questions.
Just bought my 226 SIG today at Four Seasons. Very painless and pleasent experience. Everyone there made sure I was being taken care of. Great selection and outgoing staff. I would recommend anyone thinking of purchasing a firearm, to stop here.
Brent, be careful . . . Four Seasons is addictive! :D

Great place to do business. And some very good prices to be had there.

See you at Braintree!
Well I stopped at Four Seasons on saturday and I'll be dammed if a new Sigma didn't follow me home..Can't wait to put a few rounds through it..Must say it feels better in hand than the Glock and was easier on the pocketbook..It did pass the looks and feel tests..Might be looking for an optima mount for it,those sights are hard to see..Well time will tell..
FS is a great place to do business at though..
I've been doing business with Carl and the crew for over 12 years now. best of everything. If he doesn't have it, he'll get it for you

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Another VERY satisfied Four Seasons customer here (and I'm a hard woman to please 8) . To date, I've only purchased ammo there but have found all of the employees to be gracious and knowledgeable......
I also love the fact that he goes out of his way to find those increasingly rare guns that manage to work their way past the PRofMA "consumer protection and safety" BS. Like the pre-Tom Riley CZ-75 he seduced me into buying a while back. (Yes, he did! He shamlessly posted the fact that he had a few, right there on the EMail list. -- Thanks, Carl.)

Another satisfied Four Seasons customer!

Another satisfied Four Seasons customer. I have purchased all of my handguns from them and they are always excellent to deal with. I would recommend them to anyone! :D
About a year and a half ago, I went in to buy one of the last remaining SAR-1's. I had a personal check and just enough cash to pay for the rifle. After processing the paperwork, I realized I also needed to pay for the damn trigger lock, but only had $2 left in my pocket.

I apologized to the clerk and asked if someone who's "bought five firearms here in the past two years" could get a discount on the lock.

Carl came running over, handed me the lock, saying "NO CHARGE!", helped me wrap up the paperwork, and then threw in about 5 boxes of 7.62x39 ammo for good measure. He thanked me profusely for my business, and told me to call if I ever needed anything.

What a businessman! I've been back many times since, and will continue to shop there. One of the best gun shops in New England.
Got my Vote

I live in Bellingham, that 50 miles away 1 - 1 1/2 hours depending on the trafic, and I would go twice as far if I had to just for the customer service alone. I have only bought from Carl and I never plan on buying elsewhere.
Four Seasons For Life

Four Seasons is easily the best gun store in the state. Prices, Service; can't be topped. I've bought every gun I own from them and will continue to do so....
I live about 110 miles from Four Seasons, yet I have driven there several times to purchase firearms. My only complaint (well, about the old store) was that it is very small and crowded. Hopefully the new location has a little bit more room. I like the way they have begun to list their used firearms.
The new store definitely has more "elbow room" than the old one had. Lucky that gun owners are nice, friendly people . . . two people couldn't pass each other in the old shop! [lol]
It's a great shop with good people. Carl's what a Gun Store Owner should be! I'm just glad that it's a 45 minute drive as I'd be a very broke shooter were I to live closer!


Don't forget Holly

You can't mention Four Seasons without noting that Holly should always be employee of the month. She probably has the best customer service skills I've ever seen...
Four Seasons is a great place to do business, I have been dealing with this stuff for over 25 years
they make it simple and there very good at what they do. Highly recommended

jkelly said:
It's a great shop with good people. Carl's what a Gun Store Owner should be! I'm just glad that it's a 45 minute drive as I'd be a very broke shooter were I to live closer!



I on the other hand only live about 10 miles away... It's hard to stay away come Saturday morning!!

I walked in with my newly acquired LTC intending to purchase a used 9mm for carry and range. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on my first purchase. They walked me through several handguns, and I walked out 1000 dollars poorer but carrying 2 bags and a new Sig Sauer P220 .45 ACP. They'll show you what you want, but make suggestions. Very friendly, very helpful, and they really do have a great inventory. I could have walked out with a decent firearm and stayed within my price range had I wanted to.

I'll definitely be back.
I drove from my loacation just outside of RI to Carl's shop many times, and purchased my beloved 229 there.

Carl will be getting most if not all of my firearm purchases from now on...

His prices are excelent, there's no attitudes from any of his employees, and he has very good prices as well....
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