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Feb 26, 2005
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Four Seasons Ammo Question

In regards to the advertisement on their site that says:

Federal / LAKE CITY ARSENAL .223 caliber 55 grain FMJ ammo.Considered by many target shooters to be the finest ball ammo available. The outer box says Federal but the ammo is stamped "LC"

Can anybody tell me exactely what brand this is packaged under ? I am thinking American Eagle,but the advertisement for AE 223 is elsewhere on the site.

Given the fact WallyWorld has raised the prices on 40 round value packs $2,I need another source for plinking ammo.I am looking for approximately 2K rounds.
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I have no clue. Just open some different boxes and look for the LC stamp. It's great brass for reloading.
I should call them,but my phone is in the other room,and I'm lazy:) I just thought someone that goes there a lot would know what this ammo is packaged under.

Ammo panic has set in.If I would have known the WWB's went up 2 bux a box,I wouldn't have shot up 600 rounds last Saturday and I would have bought the 1K rounds of Q3131 the dealer had at the Wilmington show..
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The ammo is manufactured by the Lake City arsenal, but packaged and distributed by Federal.

It's "brand" name (if you want to call it that), is XM193 (some shooters refer to it as Federal white box).

It is pretty decent ammo... inexpensive, reliable and reasonably accurate. I usually buy it by the 500 round case when I need to stock up on it.

For more info (more than you'll probably need to know), read this
Assuming its the same stuff my local guy sells, its just federal brand military grade ammo, not the american eagle stuff. It comes in a brown box that says
federal ammunition
xm 193

its great ammo!
Heres some info from

Q. What about XM193 from Federal and Q3131A? I have heard that some of these don't meet military specifications, particularly with respect to sealant on the necks and primers?

Most manufacturers who market "Mil-Spec" M193 like ammo are either taking "factory seconds" that would otherwise go to the military and packaging them for civilian sale or reducing the second inspection of rounds before distribution. Ammo destined for the government is tested in lot batches and the entire lot is rejected if the batches fail spec tests. Generally, this ammo is still excellent for both plinking and defensive use. XM193 and Q3131a in particular are exceptional rounds for all around civilian use and still show very reliable function in AR15s.

Some AR15ers have noticed, however, that sealant or other small details are sometimes lacking for some lots of these rounds. Sealant in particular is not a critical component to average civilian sales and therefore if sealant problems develop in M193 rounds destined for military contracts (and therefore out-of-spec rounds) they are usually sold as civilian versions of M193 (e.g. XM193). It should be pointed out that this is no reason whatsoever to avoid these rounds.

If you are really concerned about sealant or intend to use the rounds for long-term storage or quasi-military use where they are likely to see harsh and moist conditions do some testing on random samples of your lot for sealant. See also the testing done below in the Ammo Oracle.
Carl sells a boatload of guns and ammo every day. Without calling first, you always stand the risk of disappointment! Make the call before you burn the gas.

Carl does not "advertise AE223 as XM193", etc. He buys what he can get, when he can get. Some of the info on his web site may be a bit out of date from time to time, but there is never an attempt to confuse the identities of the two products. You can always get current info by calling the shop and asking someone to check the pile of boxes against the back wall.

I have bought cases of XM193 and of AE223 at Four Seasons, but never seen cases of both offered in that shop at the same time. It's sort of like SATAN and SANTA - certain similarities (in the later case, both wear black and red and have the same letters in the name), but rarely seen together :).

Don't get distracted by the implication that XM1934 is closer to what those who do merc work for a living use, so it must be better. Some rifles, even those with 5.56mm compatible chambers, do a bit better in the accuracy department with AE223.

Also, know your gun - 5.56 and .223 chambers are a different spec - 5.56 will take .223, but some .223 match chambers will generate excess pressure with rounds loaded to the 5.56 cartirdge length specification.
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