FN FS2000 .223 with EOTech 552.A65

Dec 12, 2005
Eastern Massachusetts
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Hey, had to do it right.
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how does she shoot? and if you don't mind me asking, where did you get it.

enjoy, very very jealous

Richie's in Westport has one. I was always scared to look at the price though. Richie has just about one of every extremely cool (and expensive) rifles you could want, including a Sako military sniper rifle.
check the mag

Mine came with a 30rd mag that I had to discard. They should have shipped it with a 10 rounder. Easier to chuck it and use a readily available pre-ban mag than contact FN for an exchange.
Range report

Fired the FS2000 today. One word: amazing. Kind of strange seeing the spent shells shooting forward. Took me about 25 rounds to get the EOTech dead nuts on target. Recoil is minimal and accuracy is exceptional. So far, so good.
I dry fired one at a gunshop, and the trigger, as I expected felt almost disconnected from the rest of the rifle. I guess I am just spoiled by the triggers in my rifles. Particularly my Anschutz, Jewell, and Geissele triggers.

I also didn't like the fact that the mag in the rifle I tried did not drop free.
I played around with the one I saw up at FS, neat
rifle.... but its like the body of the thing was just a tad too wide
for my tastes, but its something I could get "used" to.

Trigger not wonderful but more than passable for what the gun is
intended for. It's not a benchrest/DM type of rifle. It's design intent
was to be used against little blue helmets at 100 yards and to make
antis very upset.

That rubber gasket in the magwell thing is kind of annoying. I know they're
just trying to keep dust n crap out, or keep the mag from vibrating
around... but one shouldnt need ranger plates just to remove the

The price point is the biggest sore spot for me... I could afford it if I
saved up the beans but I can't justify blowing $1800 on something that really
belongs in a $1500 price point.

That being said, it's damned small, it's probably riding right on the cusp of
the federal OAL minimum, which is nice in terms of transporting it and the
like. No huge "YES THIS IS A RIFLE IN HERE" case.

That FS2000 at Four Seasons is my rifle. I dropped it off for a week. I agree, the trigger could be better but given the bull pup configuration, I'ts not bad either. I'm going to remove the pain-in-the-ass gasket for a "non-european" drop free mag. The other thing I don't like is the bolt not staying open after the last round.
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