First Defense Firearms, Uxbridge MA

First Defense is truly a class A shop in my book! I was in the firearms business with my father-in-law for a little over twenty years and know exactly what all of you are talking about!! They are some of the nicest folks around and go out of there way to take care of you! I also shoot IDPA with Mike and me being a novice he has been very helpful to me! They will get all my business from now on and I will undoubtedly send business their way! Since my father-in- law passed five years ago and the shop closed, it has been a chore to find a shop with truly dedicated and educated
folks in the firearms industry! I have been to tons of shops and shows and always shook my head when listening to the knuckleheads behind the counter! First Defense is truly a breath of fresh air for all of us! Keep up the outstanding work folks!!
Was in last weekend and they took care of me. Now if only the weather can hold out, I'll get out to the range this Saturday with my new toy. [smile]
We met Dennis and Shelly through a mutual friend who recommended their LTC class to us. We went to visit the shop Thursday night with my wife who was shopping for a carry piece. Mike spent time talking her through some options, and she ultimately chose the Walther PPS. After getting the paperwork and payment out of the way, Mike spent some extra time showing her how to field strip the gun and looking through some holsters. It was great to deal with the FDF folks.

We got a chance to get out and shoot the Walther this weekend, as well. 200 rounds, no failures, great little shooter!

We'll definitely be back to FDF for future acquisitions!!
I went to First Defense to do a transfer. Very nice shop with pretty much anything you might be looking for. Great customer service. And it was really nice to see 1911 parts in stock.

I walked out with a crossbreed supertuck for my j frame and a couple of parts for my 1911 build.
I brought a friend to the shop this weekend who has some special access needs, and the shop being small was something I was concerned about. It worked out fine, and my friend came damn close to buying a new Sig. I myself walked out with not one, but TWO AR style uppers. One I had ordered and the dealer shipped the wrong one. Shelly and Dennis made very good on their products and got me the right one within one week. They also adjusted the charge for the mistake, a big deal in my book. Theyre a small shop with a ton of stuff, but they dont do anything to jeopardize their customers patronage. There are only a few shops I buy from, and First Defense is on the top of the list. I will send them business as long as I am in the hobby, and I look forward to each and every visit.
Just stopped by First Defense today for the first time. It is a really small shop but they cram more stuff in there than I've in stores twice as big. They were very helpful and friendly to a newbie. Glad to have such a great shop so close by!

UPDATE: Bought my first handgun from Dennis the other day. I went in just to donate a couple of .22 Marlins that I don't have a use for and ended up walking out with a M&P 9c. They were crowded with a bunch of folks buying and browsing but I always felt like I was getting plenty of attention. Shane was great in showing the the weapon and how to tear it down and never made me feel rushed despite the number of folks there. Great shop!

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It's quite a ride for me, but this is easily one of the best shops in Mass, especially for Sigs. Stopped in today, and tho they were mad busy, the service was fantastic. Complete attention to every tiny little detail, great prices, and very nice people. People in Uxbridge are very lucky to have such a fine shop. And for people like me, who don't live close by, trust me it's worth the trip.
I bought my first two handguns here last week. Walking in I felt clueless about talking guns at a shop counter and making a purchase. But that soon changed as customer service here is top notch ... I will be back to finish my collection.

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I was in Uxbridge last Thurs and stopped in to look at & price a Ruger MKIII. It was about 7:30 pm and they're open to 8:30. I'm a new shooter and looking for good sales advice. I had already been to five gun shops checking prices, comparing the sales people, and looking for a good value .22 target pistol.

There was a steady stream of customers coming and going. Everyone was friendly. Saw a 60th Anniversary MKIII for a very nice price. It and some other MKIIIs had just put out and a few needed pricing. I asked for the prices and the owner took the time to look them up for me. Owner noticed that the 60th was priced too low, but still sold it to me for the price on the tag. The salesman gave me some great tips for target shooting. They stayed open past 8:30 to continue to help the customers. I also bought two extra magazines, some CCI ammo (good stock of ammo), and some owner recommended Tetra Gun Lube.

I was pleased with my entire transaction and very glad I had stopped in. I highly recommend First Defense. Prices are reasonable, but their superb service is priceless.
Went into this shop last night. I have never had such good service in a gun shop like I did here. I wound u walking out with a beretta 92, which was decently priced. Dennis and his wife KNOW how to run a shop and how to keep customers coming back. The selection of accessories and parts is amazing... especially with the amount of space they've got. I've never seen so many different holsters/accessories/parts/additions in one room before. It reminded me of what I think midways stockroom must look like. All around great spot will be reccomending it to many friends.
Absolutely love this place. Small hole in the wall. Open only from 5:00pm to 8:30pm and some hours on Saturday mornings. These people know their shit and are very, very helpful. Bought a S&W M&P .45 then came back for a Luger .22 target pistol. Could not possibly offer a higher recommendation then for these nice folks. Make the trip.
I LOVE First Defense, They are my primary store, if they don't have a gun you want, they will literally search online for you and try to order it ASAP. I never had better service in a store period! let alone a gun shop lol.

They don't really have much in the way of hunting gear but they make up for it with the huge amounts of tactical/home defense gear they have in stock. They have every single part you could want for an AR rifle, from springs to sights.

They also carry a lot of 1911 parts, AK, and many handguns. All in all, I would HIGHLY recommend Firsts Defense to anybody, they are knowledgeable, and GENUINELY care about the customer in a way that is very rare to find. As I said before they will go out of there way to find you what you need, and they have prices to match there service. Definitely worth the 45 minute trip for me, and the fact that they have evening hours is perfect for people who work in till 5 like myself.
Just wanted to add another quick review. I purchased my RRA complete lower from them today. The staff is knowledgeable and they have great customer service. Their prices are also very competitive, especially with the Sig's that they offer. It just sad they are so far away (1.5hrs) from me. Their hours are a little restricted, but work out pretty good for folks getting off from work.
Took a ride up there Thursday night, had 2 guns on consignment, took one back the other they had sold a day after I had brought it there about 2 months ago. anyway bought a Sig 229 in .40 S&W and a holster. Nice shop good friendly service. Good prices. A bit of a drive from Carver just to browse, but will go back when ready to make another purchase.
awesome store and service. Picked up a Supertuck holster this weekend. I noticed that there was a '1st time in' discount on my receipt when I got home, thanks!

I will definitely be back in future
This was a hidden gem around the corner from my home. As a noob, they made me feel very comfortable and their prices were very competitive (very close to Four Seasons on the M&P line) so I made my purchase there...and Dennis through in a some goodies to help me out. I go there frequently and enjoy every visit....even if it does seem to be mobbed just about every time I go. Personally...I think it's his wife that is the glue that keeps that shop running. :p But everyone in there is friendly and had great advice. Definitely my primary store.
When I shot the plunger spring from a 1911 across the room and couldn't find it, FDF had them in stock. Along with every other part to build a 1911. Great service and friendly people.
I love First Defense Arms in Uxbridge. They most likely have what you need, if not, and you ask them to find you an accessory, they always respond, and call when it comes in.
I've bought two guns from them in the past six months. Good prices and service. Just got some magazines, ammo, and a holster there this past week. I try to get there every two weeks.
popped in today to grab a mag and some ammo, great experience as i've come to expect from the shop and i look forward to when i can go back.

they currently have a steyr scout and one of the ATI imported HK-94 clones for interested parties... would have bought both if i could have.
Great shop with all the parts one would need to build an AR. I found that their prices on many items were competitive with other shops and online vendors. Their staff was friendly on the phone and in person and offered great customer service. I highly recommend First Defense.
Kudos to Dennis. Stopped in tonite to seal a deal with nannerclip and the shop is top notch. I work 2 miles from 4 seasons and 1/4 mile from Collectors. I live 4 miles from IDC in Clinton. All of them have their niches but I must say FDF does have the best selection of accessories I have seen in one place. Didn't have much time to really look in detail tonite but I will certainly be back.
I had the pleasure of meeting Dennis last night; he was very nice and it sounded like he was willing to go the extra mile for a customer. Definitely will be looking to sink some cash into his shop. I bought a box of Speer Gold Dot ammo for my J Frame while I was there. One of his associates was very knowledgable and pointed out the difference between the two types (short barrel vs regular) which was very useful for my purchase.
great shop. we went through some troubles with spikes when i ordered my ar but they were great to deal with and helped me though the situation. I've already sent some friends there for guns and accessories. they keep a good selection in stock (especially for a small location) and have reasonable prices. good shop
Just got home from First Defense with my new Ruger. Yet another great sales experience with with Dennis, Shelly and their employees. Everyone was very helpful in answering all my questions. This is a great family run business and not just some big business chain store. It is run with pride, personality and enthusiasm. The prices are very fair and they have always been quick to get in anything I have ordered. I've always been a fan of supporting small local businesses. It is nice walking into a store where the owner and his employess know you by name. Once again thank you Dennis for the great service.

Jim G.
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Bought some accessories over the weekend from them, and then went in tonight and ordered an SR1911. I may have to wait a bit because everyone is out of stock, but for the price they are selling them at I don't mind waiting. Like always Dennis, Shelly, and crew are always helpful and get anything you want. Their prices on firearms are great too, especially the 1911 I just bought. They have my business from here on out. Thanks guys!
Bought some accessories over the weekend from them, and then went in tonight and ordered an SR1911. I may have to wait a bit because everyone is out of stock, but for the price they are selling them at I don't mind waiting. Like always Dennis, Shelly, and crew are always helpful and get anything you want. Their prices on firearms are great too, especially the 1911 I just bought. They have my business from here on out. Thanks guys!

May I ask what Dennis is quoting for a price on the SR1911? I've got a pile of Christmas money set aside for one and, as you note, nobody has them! Love the guys at Four Seasons, but Uxbridge is much closer.
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