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Fiocchi recall - positive

Dec 30, 2005
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It appears to be a blessing in disguise. I had one box of recalled ammo, so I sent it back to them.

Today, I received an entire case! This is certainly a nice gesture. However, I'm not too pleased with UPS for leaving this package sitting openly in my driveway...
Holy crap that's awesome!!!

Too bad about UPS, but what do you expect from them?...To at least leave a note and put it out back?! Do you think that's their job or something?! [rolleyes] [rolleyes] [rolleyes]
I used some of their 9mm ammo recently, only thing that ever jammed my Glock. Box is long gone though.

Also- time to google what is a "squib load"?
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A 'Squib' is the primer used on naval guns. When you forgot the powder and just put in the primer, it was called a squib load.

In current venacular it refers to any load that is very light as if only the primer had fired.

In modern firearms, a Squib Load is highly dangerous in that it is entirely possible that the reduced charge was enough to propel the bullet partway into the barrel. In many cases if you fire again, the obstruction will cause damge or worse.

The proper drill on feeling or hearing a light load is to stop, unload and verify a clear barrel.
I should have some 300 rds of Fiocchi 9 Luger 115 grs. in the basement, which you could have for FREE.
Small print: You'd have to take care of the export license from Germany, along with a hazardous goods shipment at AWB minimum + pickup + export declaration + import hazzle at the U.S. port od disembarkation
Still want them ?[rofl]
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