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Oct 31, 2012
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I think I'm hooked on "building" ;).. I already have an addiction I'm trying to contain. In the guitar world it's called GAS (Guitar Acquisition Syndrome).

Not being a gun owner since living back home in Maine (91). Living in Texas for awhile it never occurred to me how much bullsh*t there is to gun ownership around the other parts of the country. It's clear that people put these laws into play just for the sake of having a laws.

Where these laws such as pinning stock and brake put there to "satisfy" anti's or did a bunch of U.R.F. (uneducated retarded f**ks) think having these not pin will cause the death by rifles to go up by .001%. Those people who voted for these laws. They need to be lead by the hand and have them actually fire a AR.
Trying to educate the URF's [IMO] is a lost cause. Or at least for the vast majority. Doesn't matter what facts you present them with, they still think their 'feel good' measures actually make any difference. If anything those things do more harm than good.

Something that their FUDD laws do is limit who's willing to buy items from those states. I'm not about to purchase an upper, or lower, from MA where the stock is pinned, or the muzzle device is pinned and welded in place. Especially since I can get unmolested parts in the free states.

As for taking the URF's to the range, or someplace to use a firearm... Good luck in getting any to do that and then admit (later on) as to how much fun it is.

Just remember who those people are when TSHTF so that we don't assist them. Or charge them a high premium to assist them.
I'm just hoping it happens so fast they won't be around to protect. And why protect them? They'll just take more of your shit the first chance they get- remember, these are also the scallywags behind the blooming EBT commerce.

I won't say anything if you want to take all their shit and then kick them to the curb. What are they going to do about it? It's not like they're armed or anything like that. [rofl2]
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