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Aug 15, 2013
North Shore
Here's a background of the nightmare I've been dealing with regarding my LTC and purchasing a gun.

3-19 Passed in my application
3-20 Went in for interview and fingerprinting
5-20 Received my Unrestricted LTC
5-23 Purchased my first gun in NH and got it transferred to MA
5-29 Went to go pick it up at the dealer it was transferred to - Status: Delayed
6-03 Got a call saying my status came back Denied... FML
6-03 Appealed through the NICS website
6-15 Letter from NICS saying I need to send in fingerprints
6-22 Went in for fingerprinting to appeal and mailed it back same day
7-06 Got my appeal request back in the mail and I can now, finally go pickup my gun! Only thing is, they are closed until Wednesday FML!!!
7-06 Mailed out my application for UPIN
*-** Upin received?

I can finally go pickup my gun on Wednesday, now the only crappy part is this is the only transaction I can make until I receive my UPIN.

Since this was a transfer, I'm not sure if I can purchase another gun through this transaction and even if I can, it's a very small shop with limited selection :(

I also wanted to thank everyone that helped me with the appeal! I greatly appreciate each and every comment, either good or bad that helped me with this!
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Jan 22, 2013
If you wanted to kill 9 people in a church in SC, NICS would have worked perfectly, forget denied, he didn't even get delayed. So how effective are background checks? Stupid.
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