Final All Season 2005 Deer Summary/Massachusetts


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Feb 27, 2005
Plymouth, MA
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"2005 was a record year for archery"

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Final All Season 2005 Deer Summary

MassWildlife Deer Project Leader Bill Woytek reports a total of 11,943 white-tailed deer taken by licensed hunters during the combined 2005 seasons. Additionally, 117 deer were taken during the Quabbin Reservation hunt. The statewide harvest combined with Quabbin was 12,060. By season, the total breaks down to 7 deer taken during the special season for paraplegic sportsmen, 3,162 taken by archers, 6,449 taken during the shotgun season and 2,325 taken during the muzzleloading season. For a complete summary by WMZ, go to the MassWildlife website at:

"Over 25% of adult males taken were 3.5 years old or older. In several Wildlife Management Zones (WMZ) the percentage was over 30%, indicating a healthy deer herd," reports Woytek. "Hunters can find quality deer in any part of the state." Woytek observed that 2005 was a record year for archery, with this year's total topping the 2003 record. For the third consecutive year, 2005 was also a record year for muzzleloader season. "The archery and muzzleloader seasons have become integral components of our deer management efforts. Archery is especially important in suburban areas where deer densities are higher and firearms discharge and other local bylaws are in place," said Woytek. He reminds Bay State deer hunters that they need an antlerless deer permit to take antlerless deer in any deer season. Hunters should be sure to send in their antlerless deer applications as there may not be as many permits available for over the counter sales in WMZs as in the past. Permit applications are attached to traditional hunting and sporting licenses and must be submitted prior to July 16. Hunters purchasing licenses on line via may apply for an antlerless permit electronically.

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thats pretty good but all my deer never showed at the stand. My buddy lost one to the swamp. Next years the year.
I haven't gotten one since I moved back to MA...I see them in my back yard all the time, but my mother would have a fit if she woke up to me cleaning a deer in my backyard. [smile]
I damn near got a fawn (or whatever you call a young deer) this morning. Stupid thing was standing in the middle of Berlin Road in Marlboro - AT 11:30 IN THE MORNING!!! (facing the wrong way, too!)

My first thought was that there was a greyhound in the road, and then I realized what it was. I tooted my horn and it jumped about 2 feet in the air and took off into someone's back yard. Man, if I'd been thinking... Wonder if my permit covers the Subaru season? [devil]
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