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May 2, 2005
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Here are the rules:

This MUST be a proven load that you are currently using. Data you used several years ago with components no longer made does no one any good.

You MUST list all specifications of the load data.

This includes the following:
Brass manufacturer, and case trim length.
Bullet manufacturer, bullet shape, and weight.
Primers used.
Powder manufacturer, type, and charge weight.
Crimp, yes or no.
OAL of the finished round.

If you are posting reloading data, please double check your post for accuracy, and typos before submitting your final post.

It would be helpful to also include any additional information you are willing to share about the load you are recommending.

If you choose to use any of the recipes listed here, you MUST check the data against a current reloading manual from a reputable publisher to ensure it is within their maximum recommended load.

You MUST work your way up to any load recipe you find in this forum. If the recipe is found to be within the specs in your favorite current reloading manual, you should ALWAYS start 10% below any recommended load and work your way up incrementally to the listed recipe (as long as it's within the maximum range), checking for signs of over-pressure along the way.

All off topic posts, or posts without complete data as required above will be deleted. If you want further information about a recipe listed, you must use the PM function to contact the contributor.
Bizarre reloading data, inadvertent typos, or a misplaced decimal point could potentially be catastrophic for the reloader. If you see something that doesn't look right, please contact forum moderators immediately, so the error can be corrected.

USE THIS DATA AT YOUR OWN RISK. Northeastshooters.com, it's staff, members, and contributors take NO responsibility for any damage or injury caused as a result from trying any of these posted load recipes. Under NO circumstances does the publication of any specific load on Northeastshooters.com indicate a recommendation, endorsement, or verification of any data published. ALWAYS consult a current commercial reloading manual for acceptable and time-tested reloading data. ALWAYS start 10% below any recommended load and work your way up. ALWAYS follow EVERY safety precaution while reloading. You will be working with EXPLOSIVE material and projectiles. If it doesn't sound right, don't do it. Northeastshooters.com assumes NO responsibility for any loads published or any direct or consequential damages incurred as a result of the use of such data. By using any data published here, you are releasing and indemnifying Northeastshooters.com, its officers, agents, members, and contributors against any and all lawsuits or claims stemming from the use of any such reloading data published or otherwise posted on this web site.

Have fun, and be safe


Brass manufacturer Lake City
case trim length. 1.75
Bullet manufacturer Hornady
bullet shape full metal jacket boat tail w/ canelure
weight. 55g
Primers used. cci 400
Powder manufacturer Ramshot TAC
type ball
charge weight. 24gr
Crimp Yes

16" barrel
1:7 twist
Muzzle velocity 2750 fps

Notes: Very accurate, Yes Velocity is lower than standard xm193 which averaged 3025 fps out of this barrel. This is my plinking load. Accuracy is great so no need to waste powder bringing it up to 3000 fps. No visual signs of high pressure..
26 June, 2009


Brass manufacturer: Lake City
Case trim length: 1.75
Bullet manufacturer: Speer, by way of Berry's
Bullet shape: Full metal jacket boat tail w/ cannelure
Weight: 55g
Primers used: Magtech Small Rifle Primers
Powder manufacturer: Hodgdon
Powder Designation: BLC(2)
Type: Flattened Ball
Charge weight: 25gr
Crimp: No
OAL: 2.215

16" barrel
1:9 twist
Muzzle velocity 2868 fps

Got this recipe from one of the guys at Weaponcraft Training.

It is confirmed in the current Speer reloading book, #14.

Last loaded yesterday, 25 June , 2009.

Have loaded 5,000+ this way, and they shoot nice.

NOTE: I have started to trim every 5.56 piece to length. It's the right thing to do.
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Nice 9mm target load

I use this in my P226 all the time. It doesn't have any bite and it is very consistant.

Case Blazer Brass
Primer CCI 500
Powder 6.4gr Hodgdon HS-6
Bullet 121gr IFP (Montana Gold Bullet company) It is a conical shape as opposed to FMJ Looks just like a HP with the hole filled in.
OAL 1.145"
Crimp Slight taper crimp just enough to remove the bell
Velocity 980-1010

This groups very tightly (at least in my gun) and is on the low side as far as power You can go as high as 7.1 gr if you increase slowly and look for signs of pressure

Many guys that I shoot with use Bullseye, or Win 231. I found Bullseye to be a little dirty. Win 231 is a great powder too. I like this powder because it seems to produce good velocity with slightly lower pressure than some of the other powders.

Do not substitute comonents or powder etc. Unreliable results may occur
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