Father, 49, is charged with second degree murder two years after shooting dead his 20-year-old daughter's boyfriend after finding him hiding

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Feb 15, 2012
Nashua, NH
In high school all school sports required a physical. At the doctors office I was to wait in the exam room. To get there I had to pass another exam room that had the door slightly ajar.

I had a look and one of my hot female classmates was in stirrups and the doctor was looking under the hood feeling around.

That was a day I will never forget.

You got the prize though Melodave.

The Friend that was staying with me a couple of years ago went to the Doctor. I
was there with her. The doctor asked if I was fine being there. I answered
"Been There, Done That, Got the Pictures!"

The look the Female Doctor gave me was priceless.


I have lots of pictures that I can not share on here. Been a Photographer since I was 14.
I'm 57 now.
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