SOLD Ergodox-ez glow mechanical split ergo keyboard $250


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Mar 28, 2010
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So I think I might have screwed up with this ad. At the bottom it says price is firm. it will run you $375. year that's the retail. I never put the asking price of $300. This started out as a Craiglist ad, so I just cut and pasted, and forgot to add the price.

I have up for grabs one of the top rated Ergonomic keyboards on the market. I have the Ergodox-EZ glow mechanical split keyboard. All the details can be found at this link.....

here's a review for you: YOUTUBE REVIEW

There is a long list of highlights for this board, but here's the highlights

mechanical - Change your own keyswitches
backlite - full RGB
split design
opensource customizable - the very best part. Completely reconfigure your key layout to for your needs. Create dozens of different layers. one for gaming, another for coding, another for editing, maybe just one for media. you will always have a layer for what ever your needs.

I'm parting ways with it as I just ordered a new keyboard and I can't have this many keyboards. I love everything about this keyboard, but I'm jumping back to a non-split design.

The keyboard comes with the two part keyboard design, all cables needed to connect it up, the keycap removal tool and extra key mechanical keys.

Almost all the keys currently on there are Kalih Copper keys, but I have extra Kalih Gold keys. The difference between the two is simple. The Copper are silent, while the Gold have a clicking noise. Thats all. The keys them self are fantastic.

Price is firm at $300. if you want this same setup new, it will run you about $375 from the manufacture.
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