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Eastern Security Safe yearly Tent Sale


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Jun 22, 2005
South Central Mass
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In a different post about safes someone asked me to post if I heard when Eastern Security Safe in Mendon was having their tent sale. Well, I just got the flier in the mail and they are having the sale this year on July 13th through 16th. Last year I ended up getting a nice 28 gun Cannon American Eagle safe w/ an electronic keypad for a pretty decent price. They do try to charge more if they have to go into the basement with it. But, you can haggle that charge away as long as your access to the basement is simple and sturdy.
They won't charge delivery.

If you get a traditional dial type lock, consider asking for the combination change key. They'll warn you they will not service lockouts if you botch the change, however, that's only an issue for the first year - once the warrantee has expired, they do not offer any free service not required by the terms of sale (as one buyer who had a lock failure informed me).
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