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Feb 27, 2005
Plymouth, MA
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Damn my house just shook and it sounded like an explosion nearby! Anyone else feel or hear something? It just freaked me out!
Just called the station, the phone are off the hook with calls from a wide area. I'm within ground zero of the NUKE! YIKES!
Lock and load. Seal all the windows and vents with duct tape, and oh ya throw on a tin-foil hat too. [wink]
In town we do have NSTAR Gas. The plant doesn't have gas and so far the I haven't heard the FD go out to anything. I'm thinking we had a quake.
Earthquakes are VERY common to us... Most are not strong enough for us to feel, but they do happen every day in the NE. It's not uncommon for one to be strong enough for a small area to feel them...

Jon, I'm 50+ miles from you with my ass firmly planted in a chair. Didn't feel any tremors here.

In spite of the dangers (which are numerous unless they "cleaned up their act" since I was in there in 1979), Pilgrim would never explode and cause tremors. They used to have lots of fires in the plant back in the late '70s (according to plant management), but none led to any disasters . . . in spite of their very poor management and maintenance at the plant.

Probable that there was a quake way out to sea and Plymouth is on the periphery of the tremors. Film at 11! [wink]
Well the plant just reported that they felt it too but no damage. They have their own seismic recording instruments so it'll be interesting to see what it was on the scale there.
Whatever/wherever it was, it was something to feel and hear!
Yup, verified 2.5. I called the station before going out to do my errands and they told me "we're not supposed to tell you that it was an earthquake".
Tell ya what, even it was just a babby, it was pretty freaky and I can only imagine what a big one is like.
Now that I've felt a quake, I still need to see a tornado up close and live.
Living our on the west coast,try the 6 or 7 ones on the richter scale. Nothing like watching my cereal bowl go across the table,and things coming off the walls,etc. Trust me loads of fun. Along with the ones that bounce you out of bed. [lol]
We've gotten up here about 4.0 or so. There's a few faults in the Lake Champlain area. Nothing to worry about, though, not the kind that slide off into the ocean.
Jonj, you must be new to the area. We've had many small quakes over the past 20 years and I can remember them back into the early 60's when I was in high school.

I worked a night shift in Plymouth during the 80's and in the computer room where I was we had lights suspended by wires. One night the building shook and the lights were swaying all over the place.

BTW, you don't want to be anywhere near a tornado. Back in the mid fifties, I lived bordering a field. Across the field, you could see the next street up.

I heard a noise looked towards the field and saw a small tornado, seems like it was 50-60 feet high, roaring across the field. It went over to the other street, and hit a one car garage. I watched at the garage was lifted about 15-20 ft in the air, rotated 360 degrees and then the wind stopped. The garage came straight down about 3 feet off it's foundation...in one piece but messed up for sure.

I guess it disturbed the wind enough to kill the twister.

I was a cupple hundred yards from this thing and I don't ever want to be any closer.
Pilgrim said:
Jonj, you must be new to the area. We've had many small quakes over the past 20 years and I can remember them back into the early 60's when I was in high school.

Been here all my life but that was the first one I ever felt.
I still want to see a tornado. The closest I came was in NY state during some severe T-storms. The clouds were boiling all over the place. I looked straight up, the clouds swirled and a hole opened up to clear sky. I closed up but when the line moved east, we heard of a small tornado or micro-burst out in the Egremont/Great Barrington area.
We had one in Merrimac, MA (just up the road from me) a number of years ago. I never felt it, but most folks here did. Although we aren't on the "ring of fire", we do have more of them in NE than most people realize. Thankfully, they aren't bad.

My first earthquake was in ~1982 ~6PM one evening while I was working on the 2nd floor of a DEC building (Maynard). I was leaning with my back against a large structural pillar as I was looking thru a file draw for some documents. I felt the vibrations and thought it strange. When I went to leave the building shortly after, the security guards were all clustered at the desk, big buzz . . . some were in the military reserves and one called Ft Devens (it was still active at that time) and confirmed that it was an earthquake and they had felt it in Ayer.

At home I noticed two cracks across the entire width of the driveway, caused by the earthquake (and this was ~35 miles SE of Maynard)! Cracks continue to grow a little each year (due to freezing/expansion). I think that one was reported ~5.5.

When I was ~11-12 yo, I spotted a twister coming up the street in Randolph and crossed an open lot next to my house. I tried to chase it . . . lucky thing I didn't catch it! [roll] Next day my Dad told me that there was a report at the other end of town that it had picked up a trailer and tossed it, otherwise there wasn't any real damage from that baby twister.

When I worked at Yankee Atomic Electric Company in the NEES building in Westboro, we could see an occasional twister out towards Worcester.
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