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Dynamic Incident Response - Snub Nose and Back-up Gun Class at the Hanson Rod & Gun Club 9/29/18

Discussion in 'Dynamic Incident Response' started by maritz01, Feb 22, 2018.

  1. maritz01

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    Jun 23, 2007
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    South Shore MA
    Dynamic Incident Response is offering a concealed carry snub nose class.

    cell: 781.258.6577
    email: [email protected]

    "CONCEALED CARRY SNUB NOSE and Back-up Gun Class"

    Weapon Platform:
    • Snub nose revolver with concealed carry holster and a disposable jacket for shooting through pockets
    • 500 rounds of ammunition
    • Do not bring a weapon for repair
    • Best to bring a back-up weapon in case of a malfunction preferably of the same model
    Class will teach the student beyond the "BASIC NRA PISTOL CLASS" with the weapon of their personal choice.

    Class size limited to four students.

    4 hours - $150 plus $50 range fee total $200

    The class will consist of the following:
    • Inspection of weapons
    • Safety briefing
    • Fundamentals of marksmanship
    o Grip
    o Stance
    o Trigger control
    • Dry firing
    • Loading and unloading procedures
    • Malfunctions, types, causes and cures
    • Various reloads
    • Drawing the weapon from holster and shooting through coat pocket (coat will be destroyed)
    • Law Enforcement Officer's MPTC "Use of Force Model"
    • Lateral movement / shooting on the move
    • Cover and concealment
    • Multiple targets
    • Ammunition selection
    • Sight selection – Point Shooting / Sighted Shooting
    • Handheld light techniques
    • Wounded manipulation techniques to stay in the fight
    • Weapon maintenance
    • Weapon cleaning

    Equipment List:
    • Willingness to learn
    • Notebook with pen or pencil
    • Bring a lunch
    • Water / hydration system works best
    • Appropriate clothing (seasonal)
    • Comfortable clothing (seasonal)
    • Footwear for rapid movement i.e. lateral, forward and backwards
    • Rain gear - we train in all weather conditions
    • Eye protection - (mandatory) ballistic wrap around with clear for low light shooting
    • Ear protection - (mandatory) electronic highly recommended
    • Ballistic vests - Law Enforcement Officers train as you dress for work (recommended)
    • Ball caps - mandatory
    • Holsters
    o Strong side only belt carry CCW / off duty
    • Belt - 1-1/2" or 1-3/4" reinforced belt for weight of weapon
    • Speed loaders and / or Speed strips - 3 or more (mandatory)
    • Concealment jacket or vest
    • Jacket for a drill to shoot from the pocket. The jacket will be ruined afterwards.
    • Sunscreen and bug repellant (seasonal)
    • Elbow pads and knee pads (optional)
    • Gloves (optional)
    • Handheld light (mandatory)
    • Spare bulbs and batteries
    • Cleaning kit

    • Massachusetts LTC or out of state credentials.
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