Does this shotgun recoil reducer work?

I've used Mercury type reducers in the past and prefer them over gimmicks like this. Sure, it probably works, but the stock changes length as you shoot.

The Mercury recoil supressor does 2 things. Adds about 1 pound of weight, and the mercury sloshes slowly inside causing the recoil to slow down. They work well.
Can you point me to a good manufacturer of the mercury hardware?

I know a Federal Air Marshall who put one on a Remington 870 (which he bought from me) and he swears by it. Also said he demonstrated it to a group of his people and they were amazed at how well it worked, especially with slugs.
I have a Knoxx COPstock and it is quite amazing. No more gimmicky than the mercury thing really and you won't die if the mercury ruptures!! haha! Anyways, on the COPstock (folding stock), the whole reciever and barrel move back into the pistol grip. It aids cycling of the action actually. You seriously can shoot magnum slugs and buckshot ONE HANDED like a pistol with it. No kidding. The guy at Knoxx told me to make sure I did it, and I did, and it was cool. Kind of useless practically speaking, but shows how effective it is. I am not a fan of the recoil reducing full stock of theirs though, as it looks funny. Any of the tactical ones are good though, and don't change stock length. Cabelas is the cheapest place to order the COPstock, but maybe not for long, as they are selling for less than they are supposed to I guess.
I got the Compstock for my Remington 870, and it really works. I am the first to admit I am a wimp. When I tried firing slugs from the 870 as it came from the factory, I couldn't take more than three shots before I was in severe pain.

With the recoil reducer, firing slugs was not a lot worse than firing the AR15. The thing really works. I am not sure how it might affect accuracy, since I am not very accurate to begin with. But it takes the fear out of firing slugs, which makes a big difference to me.
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