Do You Think Arnie Will Grant Clemency

Do You Think Arnie Will Grant Clemency

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It is more or less conventional wisdom that a minimum requirement for clemency is that the defendant profess remorse for his acts. Williams doesn't even admit he committed them. His essential equation is, "Yup, I did it [implicit], but what I've done since makes up for it." Even a liberal governor would have trouble granting clemency on that basis.
I don't see clemency in the works for the reasons already stated. Tookie has no remorse. California or not, I don't think the Terminator will spare him.

Personally, I wish that he had never been sentenced to death, but the law is the law there.


I think it'll show what Arnie is made of. I'm a little worried that he may cave in to his Hollywood buds who have made this their little crusade.
I hope not. This man helped found one of the most violent gangs in the world and we are supposed to think he is remorseful? I don't beleive it given this mans past. I mean, what are the odds once he gets his commutation to life that his 'gangs are bad' thing will die up?
I hope not, but I think he is in enough trouble that he will do it for political reasons. Hopefully I am wrong in this.
I suppose if he gets executed,the fine inner city gangbangers will riot.If he gets clemency,do white people have permission to riot ? I really need a bunch of Henckel knives and a plasma screen TV,but I can't afford it.

First I will riot at Bed,Bath and Beyond,then go to Best Buy.I suppose most white people will choose to riot at the Gap,so I will have plenty to choose from at the other stores.
No governor in California has granted death penalty clemency since about 1967, and I don't think Aaaarnold will do so either. His confidential meeting with the defense lawyers and prosecutors was simply modern day political theater.

Die, sucka!
Tookie, just think of the lyrics to the classic 70's disco...

Burn, Baby, Burn
Disco Inferno
Burn the motha out.
I sincerely hope that he doesn't. However - I have a question.... Can he (Arnie) commute Tookie's sentence to life in prison, or, when granting clemency, does that mean he'd be released all together? If Arnold has the power to commute the sentence, then that's what I think he'll do. If not, then it depends on the amount of calls his office receives. I believe that he'll go with the majority.
Bt granting clemency, Arnie will "spare" his life. He'll still die in prison, just later than sooner.
The clock is ticking!
I was vaguely in favor of execution a few days ago, but now I am strongly in favor of it. I've been hearing rumors on the news of possible riots if the execution goes through.

A gang threatening to riot upon the execution of the gang founder should not be considered a supporting factor for clemency. The guy might have all sorts of good qualities, but the last thing the state of California should do is appear to bow to gang threats. The stupid threats should seal his fate.
So, let me see if I get this right....

Evil person does evil things... Shows little remorse or other signs of sorrow, but tries to 'do good' now...

One can't help but think that this is nothing more than a ploy to gain years.

You want life instead of death? Fine, get all your victims to sign an agreement to that...

Maybe we'll hear about the Ghosts of Victims past, Present, and Future visiting Arnie... 'tis the season....
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