Do Hordes of First-Time Gun Owners Mean There's a New Formidable Voting Bloc in Future Elections?


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Mar 21, 2006
Nope. Because they still trust the dems when they lie and say “nobody is coming for your guns”.
Worse yet they don't even listen to that, they're just like "I got muh shotgun so wah lah" etc.

However...... That said even if we get a few % gain of pro 2a people in the long game it's a win.... I'll take whatever we can get. All you can do is bring some people to the river, whether they cross the bridge or not is another story.

I also think that, outside of the obvious problems it causes all the unrest/panic/death bull,shit recalibrates the meter on anti gun rhetoric. After 9/11 there was a huge tamping effect, because it recalibrated what it meant to "be concerned about safety" etc. This covid and BLM/antifa riot shit likely will have the same effect. Antis can't operate well in the presence of that stuff because they can't gin up hysteria/interest outside their base about random street violence or mass shootings when other more exigent shit is going on that doesn't necessarily involve guns. The antis got their pie holes stuffed after 9/11 because like 3000+ americans got killed by a bunch of towels with box cutters, nobody was going to listen to them whine about some street violence that only occurs in big dump cities.

If hard gun sales keep continuing through the election IMHO this will ultimately work in our favor. It's not just conservatives buying guns anymore, but a whole shitload of weeblie wobblies.... Antis need these people for their agendas to work, and if those people either don't give a shit or, even feel threatened by antis, they are not going to run out and support them. Also bear in mind.... a whole bunch of people just got exposed to shitty gun control they didn't know existed. Maybe it will make some of them think twice....
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