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WTS Dive Gear. BC’s and Wetsuits CHEAP

Discussion in 'NES Yard Sale' started by GhostFF, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. GhostFF

    GhostFF NES Member

    Nov 23, 2014
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    For sale

    I have two wetsuits and two BC’s. The wetsuit are two piece style, one is an XL and the other is a XXL, both in good condition. Both 7mm.

    I also have two Zeagle Ranger BC’s. One is a size L and the other is a size XL. Both in good condition.

    $80 for a BC
    $40 for a wetsuit
    $100 for BC/wetsuit combo


    Can meet anywhere along the route 3 corridor from Plymouth to Weymouth.

    Send me a PM

    CAF3D309-DA11-4ECF-98F5-4FE09AA08524.jpeg 4DCA88F4-DF41-4660-B660-C017C00576F4.jpeg 8D7AC613-0283-489B-B169-E53955C4A23D.jpeg
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