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Dec 9, 2012
Pelham, NH
Location : Pelham, NH

Description : DeWalt DC385 reciprocating saw and DC411 heavy duty cut-off tool. NO batteries included. At least not at the prices listed below. I only have the Lithium Ion 18v batteries now (~$80 each) since the original batteries gave out (last one finally died within the last ~6 months). The fact that you can still get 18v batteries (especially Lithium Ion versions) is pretty big IMO.

Accessories : A couple packs of blades for the saw. Disc guard and handle for the cut-off tool.

Selling Terms : F2F cash. If you want to test these to make sure they work, we can use the batteries I have on hand. If you don't have on hand yet, then you can get them from Amazon, or go with the 18v to 20v adapter (you need to use up to 2Ah 20v batteries with that) if you have 20v tools already.

Price : $50 for the reciprocating saw, $75 for the cut-off tool, $100 for both

Contact Information: PM here

IMG_20180511_150428.jpg IMG_20180511_150438.jpg IMG_20180511_150503.jpg IMG_20180511_150543.jpg

Selling these more due to not really using them. In the past several years, I've used the cut-off tool a couple of times (have two corded versions). I got the reciprocating saw last winter and only used it a couple of times too. Not enough need to keep either tool. I'm keeping my other 18v tools, at least until I replace them with 20v versions.
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