Desiree Kroh 1957 - 2015 RIP


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Apr 26, 2005
"Live Free or Die" Hampton, NH
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Email from Empire Arms this morning:

Unfortunately, due to the death of the love of my life and business partner Desiree, Empire Arms will be suspending operations for the immediate future.
If any of you have pending orders with us, we will get to them as soon as possible.
Of course, nothing will be charged until the item(s) actually ships.

I have received over the last few days almost 2,000 emails of condolences . . . please allow us sufficient time to grieve and do not clog up our in-box UNLESS you wish to cancel anything you may have ordered from us (which I will completly undersand).

Thank you in advance for your patience.

Dennis Kroh, owner, EMPIRE ARMS

A sad day for the Milsurp/C&R collecting community. RIP Desiree.

I am sorry to hear this. I never did order anything from them but did enjoy some correspondence with them. RIP and my thoughts and prayers to Dennis.
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