Denied in RI but case happened in MA

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Sep 12, 2009
South shore MA
OK heres the deal I went to the meeting with the chief at the AG's Office he stated because whats still on my record my permit is denied. Now in RI i need to have expunged any ideas?
heres is the story
I was arrested dec 10 of 2007 by Lincoln PD for alleged domestic violence and improper storage of a fire arm i had just taken my carry off and set it on the counter when the cops knocked at the door. Ex wife showed up my my house entered uninvited non did she knock i started to rebuild my life had my GF in the house. she had been out of the house for 2 months she started taking pictures of my bed room and my girl friends things in the house. I lived on Hanscom AFB in Bedford ma. case went to CWOF

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